GEAR Token: The World’s First Closed Loop Green Energy And Renewables Security Token.

Cryptocurrencies owe their existence to the pioneering Bitcoin. A digital payment system that is extremely efficient, secure and fast. To create value for the digital coin, Satoshi Nakamoto, the elusive creator of bitcoin created a protocol called Proof of Work. This is basically a set of mathematical equation that the computer has to solve in order to generate the coin. This “labor intensive” process creates value since money is used to generate the coins.

Over the years, the equations have become harder to solve. Competition to generate the coins have led to specialized hardware and an array of these are deployed in mining farms. These farms are now so energy intensive that they outrank many countries in power consumption.

What Is Gear Token?

Gear (Green Energy And Renewables) Token is a green initiative by the GEAR blockchain Inc., a company that intends to run Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency mining through renewable energy sources.

The platform understands that mining, especially bitcoins, is now a very energy intensive procedure. Mining farms, in order to be feasible, are geographically placed in countries and areas where electrical costs are the lowest. However, the organization believes that there is another option. By using renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind and others, the company intends to create a closed loop system, in which it will not require traditional energy sources to operate.

How Gear Token Works

The platform will utilize green energy such as solar, wind, tidal and others to power its mining farm. Using the farm for bitcoin and other PoW tokens, a significant amount of the proceeds will be used to expand its energy and mining infrastructure. This means that GEAR token will always be self-sufficient and will not require additional funding for its operations or expansion.

Apart from reinvesting, the platform will give dividends to token holders, thereby giving investors more than just a promise of rising in token value. The platform also will set aside a portion of profits earned for research and development into improving the efficiency of green energy equipment, thereby giving more power to the farms and in general, mankind.

The Gear Token Team
Unlike other blockchain project teams, GEAR Tokens’ is made up of a greater number. The large size of the team is done to ensure that every person has a specific job or task to perform. Assigning multiple tasks to a smaller team can lead to inefficiencies, adversely affect the performance, and even result in a failure of the project.

The GEAR Team consists of Indi and Vik Pathak as dedicated President and Vice President. Kam Gill is a Director. With three people making the top management, the rest of the team is lifted from the executive decision responsibilities and they can concentrate on their works. The team even has a dedicated legal, Neil Said, to ensure that the business is in compliance with laws and regulations of different jurisdictions it will be operating in.

Apart from the regular and vast array of technical, administrative, IR and marketing team members, the team even has its own expert on smart contract technology. Smart contracts have been known to be vulnerable if not coded with the utmost care and GEAR Token does not compromise in it.

The Gear Token Advisors
Not to be outdone, GEAR Token has brought on board some of the most influential personalities in the world.

Larry King is a famous radio and television host. His most famous show is Larry King: Live, which runs on CNN. His interviews of famous and powerful people have given him a unique insight into how people think and operate. Along with his massive fan following, he can advise the team and use his influence to promote it.

Jim Rogers is a famous financial figure. Charmin of Rogers Holdings and Beeland Interests, Rogers has an extensive experience in running organizations that have investors in it. He can guide the team on how to execute a successful ICO and later on, how to ensure that investors get their proper dividends.

Stan Bharti is the founder and Chairman of Global Merchant Bank, a multinational bank that deals in corporate clients. Bharti has in the past raised $3Billion through investments for small companies.

Investing & Earnings With Gear Token
With a $100 million token sale planned in August, all wishing to invest in the company and its green initiative can join when whitelisting starts and then take part in the ICO, where the tokens will be offered at a discounted rate.

Later on, upon exchange listing, investors can trade the tokens for profits. The dividend option given to token owners is another passive income.

Please note that like all investments, GEAR Token does not guarantee a profitable situation. You should evaluate the risks and outcomes on your own. Only invest the amount you are willing to loose.

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