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Game-ing Changer: Rushwin Sets to Unveil New Benchmark with Decentralized Gaming Innovation

Rushwin sets a new benchmark as a decentralized Web3 Mystery Box Game, making its debut on BASE.

(New York, USA) – Rushwin is proud to announce the launch of its revolutionary DeFi gaming platform, which focuses on improving user experience and driving mainstream adoption. Rushwin wants to captivate the essence of cryptocurrency while infusing fun into the experience with a mystery game box platform filled with well-crafted decentralized games that users can play and win. With the integration of buy & burn, NFTs, tokens, and real-world assets, Rushwin is about to unveil a game changer in the world of decentralized gaming. As a clause, Rushwin also adds another element that has never been done before for gaming – a hybrid token model.

“We don’t follow rules. We create them” – Rushwin team

RUSH Buyback & Burning

Rushwin’s decentralized Buyback & Burning operates on a trackable and transparent smart contract. It ensures that RUSH token holders profit from the platform’s success. The RUSH buy & burn is carried out through a transparent smart contract – users are assured that Rushwin values them in the DeFi community. This contract will trigger a buyback, allowing it to buy tokens from the market using the buy and burn allocation, a share of the total platform revenue, effectively reducing the token supply and creating scarcity, which drives value for the token holders.

Native Support of NFTs and Tokens

HyperCubes, Rushwin’s innovative and magical mystery boxes, seamlessly support all ERC20 and ERC721 tokens.  The platform extends its reach by integrating real-world assets (RWA), further enhancing the decentralized gaming experience. By offering a diversified portfolio of digital and real-world assets, Rushwin allows a wide range of audiences, ranging from gamers to enthusiasts, to its platform, fostering an inclusive platform in the DeFi community.

Trustless Operation

Rushwin operates on trustless principles, which ensures that even the platform’s developers cannot edit or modify the system. Users can confidently engage with the platform through trustless smart contracts, knowing that their assets are safe and the transactions are transparent. This trustless operation creates a sense of reliability and security among users, which will, in turn, promote long-term loyalty to Rushwin.

Hybrid Token Model

Rushwin presents a unique Hybrid Token Model that boosts interest through the randomization of in-game assets received by players. What does the hybrid token model mean? It is a two-way conversion mechanism between RUSH tokens and in-game assets, facilitated by Rushwin’s bridge. This system ensures a constant exchange rate, allowing seamless conversions to in-game assets and vice versa.

The system also improves user engagement and creates a lively gaming environment, ensuring players are excited and committed to the platform. With elements of unpredictability and luck, Rushwin delivers a thrilling gaming experience that captivates its users.

Rushwin – DeFi simply gamified.

About Rushwin

Rushwin is an immersive ecosystem that provides a rich world for web3 enthusiasts of all backgrounds to explore together. This gaming platform leverages blockchain technology to create an immersive and transparent gaming experience for users. At its core, Rushwin upholds principles of fairness and transparency. With a focus on decentralization and innovation, Rushwin aims to revolutionize the gaming industry and encourage mainstream adoption of decentralized gaming standards.




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