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Gals Bio CEO Hilla Shaviv’s Mission to Amplify FemTech’s Voice

The world of today is full of technological marvels and groundbreaking innovations. However, the FemTech industry, despite its immense potential, often finds itself undervalued and underrepresented. Nevertheless, Hilla Shaviv, the visionary force behind Gals Bio, a trailblazing FemTech company is set to change the narrative. Hilla’s relentless dedication to revolutionizing women’s health, her journey as an entrepreneur, and the transformative impact she envisions for the FemTech sector is set to become the inspiration for so many FemTech entrepreneurs worldwide.

The realm of FemTech, encompassing technology-driven solutions tailored to women’s health, has long been overshadowed by other sectors in the tech industry — this is aside from the fact that the industry itself is overrun by the male perspective. Despite the growing awareness and acceptance of women’s health as a critical component of overall well-being, the FemTech sector faces systemic challenges. Funding disparities, gender biases, and a historical lack of emphasis on women’s health research have collectively contributed to FemTech’s undervalued status.

Hilla Shaviv, however, is on a mission to challenge this status quo. With a background in biomedical engineering and an entrepreneurial spirit that has thrived since 2007, Shaviv set out to make her mark in an industry where the glass ceiling often feels more like a reinforced concrete barrier.

As an entrepreneur with a knack for inventive ideas, Hilla meticulously researched potential ventures in 2007. It was during this exploration that she identified a void in the women’s health sector. Comparing it to the cardiovascular field she had previously been engaged in, Hilla noticed a significant lack of research, patents, and funding in women’s health. Undeterred by the challenges, she made the bold decision to step into this uncharted territory.

Her first foray into FemTech resulted in the creation of Gals Bio, a company committed to addressing the gaps in women’s health through innovative solutions. Hilla’s initial focus was on menstrual health, an area that, despite its universal relevance, had been largely overlooked in terms of technological advancements.

The pinnacle of Hilla’s efforts is the development of Tulipon, a vaginal platform that she proudly refers to as “an internal wearable device.” This innovative creation combines the best attributes of a menstrual cup and an applicator tampon while introducing novel diagnostic features. Tulipon can be worn for up to 12 hours without leakage, offering a comprehensive solution for managing monthly bleeding.

What sets Tulipon apart is not just its user-friendly design but also its ecological and sustainable aspects. As a FemTech entrepreneur, Hilla recognizes the need for environmentally conscious solutions, ensuring that Tulipon aligns with both health and eco-friendly principles.

Beyond its convenience, Tulipon introduces diagnostic capabilities that go beyond traditional menstrual products. By monitoring menstrual effluent volume and vaginal pH, users can gain insights into various aspects of their reproductive health. This goes beyond mere convenience; it’s a step towards empowering individuals to proactively manage their health.

Navigating the FemTech landscape has been no easy feat for Hilla Shaviv. The challenges she faced were not just limited to technical aspects; they extended to fundamental issues of research, knowledge, and funding. The FemTech industry, historically underrepresented, required Hilla to engage in basic research alongside standard engineering R&D.

Her pioneering work in measuring pressures and forces in the vaginal cavity for Tulipon, a task never undertaken before, exemplifies the depth of her commitment. In her first startup, she delved into researching the dynamic viscosity of menstrual effluent, a groundbreaking endeavor recognized by the academic community and published in a scientific journal.

For Hilla Shaviv, the journey goes beyond product development; it extends into the realms of education and advocacy. Recognizing the persisting taboos and misconceptions surrounding women’s health, particularly menstruation, she employs a multifaceted approach to dismantle these barriers.

Utilizing humor and relatability, Hilla engages audiences in open discussions about menstruation and women’s health in general. Through public talks and initiatives like the gamified book, “Becoming a Young Woman,” she aims to reshape the narrative for young girls. This booklet, designed for girls aged 10 to 12 and their female caregivers, encourages open conversations about menstruation, fostering a supportive environment for young individuals entering this transformative phase of life.

As a female leader in a predominantly male-dominated industry, Hilla Shaviv has a message for aspiring female entrepreneurs looking to venture into FemTech. She urges them to embrace their unique perspectives, build diverse networks, stay resilient in the face of challenges, continuously educate themselves, and be confident in their abilities.

Looking ahead, Hilla envisions a future where Gals Bio plays a pivotal role in shaping the FemTech landscape. With plans to expand Tulipon’s diagnostic capabilities, provide personalized health solutions, and collaborate with key stakeholders, Gals Bio under Hilla’s guidance is poised to be a catalyst for change.

Today, FemTech remains undervalued and underrepresented, but Hilla Shaviv stands as a beacon of change, challenging norms, breaking barriers, and paving the way for a more inclusive and advanced future in women’s health. As she leads Gals Bio into uncharted territories, her commitment to elevating FemTech’s voice has become a societal imperative that promises to reshape the landscape of women’s health for generations to come.

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