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Forex Fury V5 BETA Review

Finally, Forex Fury V5 BETA is out! The first I heard about the news that Forex Fury’s developers plan to create version 5, I got so excited. Now, the waiting is over.

Over the past six years, this automated forex trading robot has been a hot topic in the trading world as it claims to provide a 93% winning rate. It offers traders of any skill level lucrative safe and aggressive opportunities. Plus, it features money management, proven SET files, compatibility with MT4 and MT5 platforms, and the ability to trade currency pairs and cryptocurrencies.

I observed that Forex Fury always wins against its competitors because of new strategies. One of these strategies is providing its users with product updates, like the Version 5 BETA. Keep reading and discover my experience using this latest Forex Fury version!

Introducing Forex Fury V5 BETA!

The Forex Fury V5 Beta is now available for download. All members will get a chance to enjoy free updates for life. So, many members are now rushing to download the newest version. It is safe to say that this update is another effective step to push new exciting features and developments in the software.

So, what is a beta? Well, it is a test. The last thing that traders want to experience is running Forex Fury on live accounts during the beta in case of bugs.

Below are the latest additions to Forex Fury through its V5 BETA:

News Filter

News filters tend to roll out on the MT4 platform only at first. This feature allows me to set up new and events filters to prevent trading on unfavourable market hours. As a result, I feel confident that my account can stay safe at all times.

While the trading market is always unpredictable, trends are detected, and trading strategies are applied to maximize the results while reducing losses when the market is not affected by news and economic events. However, trends are no longer detectable when news and events impact the market. As a result, your trading is affected negatively.

This latest addition to Forex Fury is straightforward to use. It will help traders prevent volatility which can cause significant issues in the future. So, I really appreciate this new feature.

Reversal Strategy Removal 

The main goal of the reversal strategy is to do the opposite of the original logic. This feature is developed for traders who feel they have optimized a great short. However, most traders found the reversal strategy not helpful. So, I am not surprised that it is not included in the V5. 

Martingale Strategy Adjustments

I see some changes or adjustments in the V5, and I find it very useful when trading in an expanding market where trading pairs only result to small kickbacks from the primary trend and make a comeback.

The main advantage of using this strategy is that it enables me to take profit a bit lower when I make a subsequent order rather than every other order that comes with a triggered static volume.

I discovered that martingale works effectively when everything is flat when the price comes with a narrow range. Once traders notice that the market starts to decline, they can use this feature. However, the market must make strong kickbacks and go in waves. This strategy helps quickly pull traders out of problems at slight price rollbacks.

Many years ago, this method was invented to assist roulette players when multiplying their previous bets. Today, it is used for profitable trading in the forex market. The martingale version in Forex Fury is aggressive and can change your position in the market.

Money Management Adjustments 

Just like the martingale strategy, I also observe some money management adjustments. Previously, it helped me ensure a stable performance and sustainable long-term growth. Even new traders can trade confidently since they can make it in a low-risk environment. So, many traders can expect substantial returns without worrying about investment risks. 

So, the money management adjustments help me feel confident, knowing that I do not have to worry too much about the risk of loss.

Enable/Disable Hidden TP/SL

With V5 BETA, I can enable the hard SL/TP to make it visible to the broken. I can also disable it, depending on my preference.

Trend Filter

The trend filter is another unique new option offered by V5. It helps the forex trading robot to trade in trending conditions. I recommend adding a customizable slow and fast moving average to make it happen. 

As you probably know, following the trends helps determine what is happening to the price. However, defining the trend for yourself can be a challenge. That is why we need a trend filter to see that trends. That way, you can narrow down the timeframe from days to hours or even widen the timeframe from days to months. 

Remember that the trend is your friend during trading. If you have a trend filter by your side, you have a better chance of making more money than going trendless. Once you determine the trend, you can start performing core functions, such as capital creation and preservation.

Final Thoughts 

Now that Forex Fury V5 BETA is around the corner, new and loyal users can expect more wins. Do not forget to check the member area more frequently and test the trading bot regularly.

With Forex Fury, you can find a lot of room to become a successful forex trader. However, you need to ensure you are using it correctly and stay updated with what is happening. If you have already downloaded the latest version, ensure to take an active role i learning the proper use of the software. From the features to settings to grow your account with ease. 

I still cannot over that V5 BETA has already hit the market. I am now more confident that everything is on the right track every time I open my computer. Hopefully, this post helped you learn about Forex Fury’s latest version. Happy trading!

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