FIX Token will Grow in Value with the Artificial Intelligence Technology Industry.

FIX token is issued by Finamatrix, the market leader in Risk-Cybernetics A.I. Technologies. The use case of FIX is that the ownership of the token provides access to the highly scalable integration of Blockchain with Risk-Cybernetics for unlimited value creation in financial markets and other AI applications.

Finamatrix is a machine learning group since 2006 dedicated to real value. Finamatrix (FIX) token is a digital asset issued by Finamatrix Group from Singapore by Singaporean founder Dr Lanz Chan. Since the funds raised from the ICO will be allocated to R&D, a quality crypto/new tech portfolio, a regulated quant fund, and the token-pricing mechanism (coin or cash), the value of Finamatrix token is based on 3 factors and will  be published quarterly audited reports: 1) The quarterly performance of owning quality cryptos and liquid new tech investments.

Finamatrix uses proprietary Risk-Cybernetics in machine-learning algos / protocol in smart contracts applied to crypto-selection in a risk-hedge portfolio setting with MVSK utility optimization that better captures the inherent risk of cryptos which are non-normal and usually skewed or fat-tailed. 2) The quarterly returns of the regulated Finamatrix Quant Fund. Finamatrix manages multi-managed accounts since 2006 and is managing approximately 30m USD since last year. This year the firm has setup with partners a 20m USD regulated Cayman fund and they expect more growth from Asia. 3) Finamatrix will actively manage a 3-B (buyback/burn/bonus) token-pricing and liquidity mechanism i.e. buyback and/or burn tokens when there is excess supply; issue bonus tokens when there is lack of supply.

Finamatrix are obligated to buyback tokens in the event that there is insufficient liquidity but subject to quarterly cash-flows and overall audited performance. The firm will use not more than 50% of net profits to buyback tokens. These functions will be manually performed to determine the equilibrium price and manage expectations (with regular updates) within a reasonable time frame to promote balance, stability and predictability, while Finamatrix will focus on boosting the demand function of the token by providing real and measurable value. Token owners may be awarded bonus tokens according to quarterly audited performance. A maximum of 50% of net profits will be distributed.

In summary,

By owning FIX Token, value is derived from 3 areas:

FIX Token invests in FIX Index which comprises a highly diversified portfolio with low value-at-risk for predictable returns. FIX offers bonus FIX tokens from a limited supply based on audited quarterly performance. FIX raises capital from institutions / investors for both regulated FIX Fund and public FIX Token. Finamatrix also receives income from technology service contracts.

FIX Token has a buyback/burn mechanism that offers price-protection at a base price of $0.10 US dollars. We offer a 100% refund policy for FIX owners subject to quarterly audits and verification.

FIX Token price appreciation is due to increasing intrinsic demand for our value-generating AI Technology. With limited FIX tokens, and an increasing capital base, FIX Token prices are well supported

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