FIX Token Allows you to be Part of the Best AI Technology Firm in 2018

Since 2006, Finamatrix is Risk-Cybernetics™ — a leader in A.I., receiving Best AI Technology Firm 2018  and  Most Innovative Proprietary Technology from UK Acquisition International Global Media.

FIX, a cryptocurrency token, is the first risk management blockchain project in the world. FIX offers access to a comprehensive AI portfolio and integrated solutions from the most exceptional blockchain projects all over the world for governments and institutions.

Ownership of FIX token empowers you with AI-driven Asset Portfolios with seamless and secure Blockchain execution in seeking mispriced assets for arbitrage and hedging profit opportunities.

Finamatrix is a Financial Technology company, an AI firm + AI Aggregator, empowering people to achieve their financial goals. Founded by Professor Dr. Lanz Chan, Ph.D. and a team of like-minded Quants, the company offers crowdsourced AI technologies integrated with blockchain to reduce selection bias for greater predictive power in decision-making on any asset.  Specifically, the company’s technologies help users to answer the questions: When, What and How much to sell or buy?

People are interested in FIX cryptocurrency tokens because they are safe & secure AI-driven scalable liquid assets. Finamatrix uses AI to help people achieve their financial objectives. Owners of the tokens automatically access opportunities in very volatile markets including cryptocurrencies. The company’s AI integrates with Waves blockchain using smart contracts for executing seamless risk management that captures mispricing in financial markets (FX, cryptos, commodities, futures, market making, equities, and liquid derivatives) for profit.

FIX token holders can submit their suggestions to Finamatrix anytime and the company will take action needed to make things work even better. One token is equal to one voting right. The more FIX you own, the more voting rights you may exercise.

If you are looking for tokens that have a bonus program, FIX cryptocurrency token might interest you. Finamatrix bonus program is a loyalty program based on quarterly audited reports. The top 10 per cent of all the owners of FIX tokens in terms of quantity will have bonus FIX tokens as a form of reward. Finamatrix shares up to 50 per cent of net increases in portfolio values per financial quarter. If portfolio value increases by 20 per cent after one quarter, for example, Finamatrix can give up to half of 20 per cent which is 10 per cent in the form of FIX tokens to token owners.

FIX value will increase as it is backed by growing asset values owned by Finamatrix. Finamatrix has a growing client base and more funds will be managed by the group. Finamatrix invests in safe arbitrage and relative-value trading strategies with low risk, and has partnered with Brilliant Erdenes group which owns physical gold and copper mines valued over $800 million. Finamatrix uses its technology to increase the value of its total portfolio, thereby providing support for FIX tokens. Finamatrix will also be signing on new partnerships which will add value to our portfolio.

Since September 2017, FIX is publicly listed on Waves Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and is tradable via Blockchain with USD/EUR/BTC and other digital coins. The FIX token is currently trading at about 0.58 USD. The base price of FIX is $0.10 US dollars.

Finamatrix is conducting private sales online and at physical events in Singapore. In these events, the company aims to educate the public on what their Blockchain project is all about. The company is offering clients opportunity to grow with them, at the same time raise more capital to help them improve their technology and infrastructure.

For more information about Fix Tokens, please download the company’s slides here:

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