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FintechFans to Sponsor Two FinTalent Competitions.

The voice, Britain’s Got Talent, America’s Got Talent, and So You Think You Can Dance – these are interesting mediums where people from various spheres of life have been able to display their dancing skills, how good their voices are, and many more. Now we have a platform where extraordinary minds in the area of FinTech can come and showcase their abilities.  This is what the FinTalent Competition is all about.

FinTalent Competitions: The journey So Far

In 2017, the first-ever National Singapore FinTalent competition was organised by PortfolioQuest which was in partnership with the Singapore FinTech Association and in conjunction with the 2017 Singapore FinTech Festival.

The competition ran for a span of 5 weeks, and it involved about 400 students from different local Universities and Polytechnics participating, with the higher number coming from Business, Accounting, and IT.

The competition was sponsored by First Data, and the winner of the grand prize was to be given the privilege of visiting the First Data’s Clover Offices in Silicon Valley, while the runners-up of the competition were to be given a cash prize of $500 each.

It was a tough yet enriching and engaging process of learning, and participants learnt how they can handle risks and rewards, and how they can deal with the ever changing economic conditions. In all, they were all winners at the end.

The winners of the 2017 FinTalent competition were announced in Singapore during the FinTalent Awards Ceremony that held during the Singapore FinTech Festival, and we saw Aaron Loke from Nanyang Polytechnic emerging as the winner of the grand prize. The top 10 runners-up of the competition emerged from a variety of schools like Nanyang Technological University (NTU). National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore Polytechnic (SP), and Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP).

The 2018 FinTalent Competitions

2017 is gone now and we are in a brand new year with a lot of opportunities. Recently, FintechFans which is one of hottest FinTech innovations of the 21st century, announced its plans to sponsor the 2018 FinTalent Competition in two different locations, with Malaysia being one of these locations.

Founded in 2017, Fintechfans is a leading platform whose aim is to inspire Fintech jobs all over the globe. The technology behind the company was built to link companies in search of staff with freelancers and FinTech job seekers currently in the Fintech job market.

What they want to do is provide a user-friendly, decentralised and effective form of staffing, where professionals and companies are connected directed without the need of a middleman. It operates the same way the blockchain technology uses smart contracts in securing transactions between different parties.

This year, the company plans to organise the FinTalent Competition in collaboration with the organisers of the competition in Singapore last year – PortfolioQuest.

– A minimum of 1000 highly educated students will participate in the competition.

– All of these students will be registered for the FintechFans job board.


Though it is in its early stages, the FinTalent Competition has been able to have a positively impact on the lives of a number of students from different Universities and Polytechnics. Seeing its bright future and potential, Fintechfans is sponsoring the 2018 Competitions in Malaysia and another location which will be announced soon. More information on the competition will be out in the coming weeks. This is just the icing on the cake. More is to come! Contact the Fintechfans team for more information –

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