FintechFans Review – Decentralized Staffing Platform for the Financial Technology Industry

FinTech Fans has its roots going back nearly five years. The platform is job/services portal for people who work in the fintech industry. By connecting people together all over the world, this website has gained a good repute in job posting sector.

FinTech Fans plans to do more than this. Besides being a regular job board site that links people, it intends to become a staffing platform that is decentralized, cuts out the intermediary and gets straight to business in a friendly and easy way.


At first glance, the platform has nothing new to offer. Like LinkedIn and other professional job websites, it just connects potential candidates with employers. The similarity to all job posting portals end here. Using the power of blockchain and smart contracts, the transactions between professionals and companies are faster and secure. There is no third party meddling. Even the website itself cannot alter an agreement or a contract made between two parties.


By eliminating the middleman, the site has effectively made recruiters obsolete. You do not need to contact recruiters and head hunters, paying hundreds of dollars a month to find a job that is suitable for you. You can now register on the portal and contact companies and individuals who have job opening directly.


To power its platform, FinTech Fans has created its own token, the FINC. Users will use it, whether a job seeker or an organization offering job opportunity, to trade work related money.

If you want to buy FINC, head over to their website and buy the coins cheap in their Initial Coin Offering stage when it starts in April 2018. You can get even cheaper coins if you join in the presale, which is in progress right now.

If you have not registered at their website, you will get a hundred FINC on signing up! Currently, the platform has sold nearly 300,000 coins in its presale. You can pay for your presale coins in regular fiat like USD, EUR, GBP and cryptocurrencies Ethereum and Bitcoin.


FinTech Fans is a well-designed platform that has a user base all over the world. The company has a solid foundation and a high-class reputation. The ICO is well planned. The ICO is a good investment if you want to get your hands on a cryptocurrency that is cheap and will rise in value quickly.

The ICO plan is not unique, but the company is well focused and determined.

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