FintechFans Opens An Office in Hong Kong

FintechFans is a blockchain technology innovation disrupting the Global Fintech job market. The Financial technology startup is aimed at bridging the gap between fintech companies and fintech professionals.

FintechFans provides a decentralized job board platform for job opportunities available in fintech firms. These job opportunities include any and every job offering between internships and co-founders positions.

The project which started in 2017 seeks to dominate the global Fintech job market but started from the European capitals of Amsterdam, Berlin, and London among others. Going back to the drawing board, the team is putting into action, the vision of a global reach by opening an office in Hong Kong.

Why Hong Kong?

Of all regions to pick from, the following are highly probable reasons why FintechFans opted to open their office in Hong Kong:

  1. It is one of the strongest financial hubs in Asia
  2. It is one of the 5 financial centers in the world
  3. Though a relatively small territory, it has about 155 banks and 600 stockbrokers
  4. It has over US$ 2 trillion in assets which are under management
  5. It was in 2016, designated as the number one region in the world for raising IPO funds which totaled US$ 25 billion
  6. It has the highest economic freedom score in the world based on reports by the Economic Freedom of the World Index. This score was put at 8.97.

FintechFans operation in Hong Kong

The operations of FintechFans in Hong Kong would be overseen by Gary Grant, an energetic and highly enthusiastic man who FintechFans’ CEO Marcel van Oost believes is the right man for the job. Grant’s job description is to oversee the operations of FintechFans in Hong Kong while spearheading the recruitment of local fintech talents in the region to the end that while local job markets are served and employment opportunities are created for Hong Kong citizens and residents, on one hand, fintech companies from all around the world get to reach the best fintech-inclined hands and minds there are irrespective of their different geographical locations, time zones and/or language barriers on the other hand.

What is next after Hong Kong?

It will be erroneous to think that FintechFans’ operation peaked at the opening of their Hong Kong office. This is not the case as CEO, Marcel has stated that Hong Kong is primary to their Asian penetration as they intend to continue to grow the brand in the Asian continent as also in all 7 continents of the world.

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