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Finamatrix wins Best AI Tech Firm 2018 Award.

Finamatrix wins Best A.I. Technology Firm 2018 and Most Innovative Proprietary Technology: Risk-Cybernetics, from UK Acquisition International Global Media.

Finamatrix has created the FIX Index (a global AI-driven portfolio) and offers the FIX Fund (a regulated fund mirroring the FIX Index) and FIX Crypto (a cryptocurrency that accesses the FIX Index using the Risk-Cybernetics protocol on the Waves Blockchain and also integrated with any Blockchain with open-source API).

Since 2006, Finamatrix has a history of proven success, offering institutional and private clients AI solutions, culminating in the partnership with Brilliant Erdenes Pte Ltd (Singapore), part of the Brilliant group of companies which includes Brilliant Erdenes LLC (since 2005) that owns several gold and rare earth deposits in Mongolia valued in excess of $800 million. See:

The Brilliant group and Finamatrix have each committed $100 million to launch a $200 million regulated FIX Fund.

Owners of FIX crypto (token/coin) gain access to the award-winning Risk-Cybernetics protocol (a predefined written procedural method for de-encryption or decoding data). There is no hassle of mining or complicated processes for the true mass adoption for both the banked and unbanked people.

FIX tokens can be initially traded in Based on quarterly audits, the top 10% of FIX token owners can receive up to 50% of profit-sharing of FIX tokens. Also, the price of FIX tokens is maintained on average at 0.10 USD and above. If prices fall below this level, clients who bought directly from Finamatrix may apply for a refund, also on a quarterly audited basis.

Finamatrix conducts private salesof FIX crypto. Interested persons may register at

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