Fantom, SafeMoon V2, and Big Eyes: Three Crypto Projects Investors Should Watch This Crypto Winter

Crypto investors have a tough time on their hands during this crypto market cycle. It is important for investors to remain vigilant and careful as the market is volatile. No one knows how long the crypto winter will last, so every investor must ensure that they have a strategy to weather the winter storm. To get a better view of happenings in the market, investors should keep a close eye on the market by keeping their ears to the ground and ensuring that they have a good idea of how the market will move. Additionally, investors should have a good research habits as it would allow them to understand better projects and how they affect the token prices.

Fantom (FTM), SafeMoon V2 (SFM), and Big Eyes (BIG) are three crypto projects you should be watching this crypto winter. These projects have the potential to perform excellently when the market turns. With their strong fundamentals and good tokenomics, these projects will greatly add to your portfolio. Here is all you need to know about these crypto projects and their use cases.


Fantom (FTM)

Fantom (FTM) is a DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) smart contract platform that uses its unique consensus algorithm to provide a suitable ground for DEFI applications. Using its FTM token, Fantom will transform the DEFI space as it offers speed and quick settlement in under two seconds. In addition, it supports the building of dApps for various purposes. The layer one blockchain was created in 2018, but the Mainnet was launched in 2019. Its consensus algorithm is known as Lachesis, and it was built to compete directly with the Ethereum blockchain. 

The Fantom blockchain uses its speed and unique consensus algorithm to put itself ahead of other blockchains that are slower and have lower throughput. In addition, Fantom provides cheaper alternatives to existing blockchains, making it attractive to builders in the DEFI space. The FTM token is used for various purposes, including staking, settlement, governance, and network fees. Fantom is creating a new paradigm with the creation of a fast and cheap blockchain to power the DEFI ecosystem.

SafeMoon V2 (SFM)

SafeMoon V2 (SFM) is a crypto project that aims to build and develop various areas of crypto. The project will innovate in the metaverse, NFT, and DEFI spaces by enabling its community to make better decisions regarding the project. Using its community-driven approach, Safemoon V2 will allow users to perform four separate actions on its protocol which include: LP acquisition, Token Burn, Growth Fund, and Reflection. SafeMoon V2 uses a unique coin-burning mechanism to redistribute fees to its community. The undistributed fees are burned to maintain the token price. 

SFM is the transactional token of the protocol. With SFM, users can interact with its NFT market and decentralized exchange. SafeMoon brings the cryptocurrency community together to create and build within the crypto space. These ambitious projects will change the way users interact with crypto projects.

Big Eyes (BIG)

Big Eyes (BIG) is a DEFI project that aims to use its token to promote access to the decentralized finance ecosystem. The project will use its native token to funnel liquidity into DEFI to allow more users to access various DEFI services. Big Eyes will have NFTs that allow users to access more perks in the ecosystem. Furthermore, it will build an inclusive ecosystem that is community-driven. This community-driven approach will ensure that users fully control the project. Big Eyes is a platform that hopes to create a stable ecosystem for users to access DEFI.

The Big Eyes project will release 90% of its token at launch, allowing its users to gain control of the project. BIG EYES is the utility token of the project and would allow users to perform various transactions on the platform. You can participate in this project by purchasing tokens in the ongoing presale. Purchasing tokens during the presale gives you a chance to earn rewards and bonuses. Additionally, you can earn tokens by referring your friends to purchase Big Eyes. 

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