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Factors to Consider When Buying a Dough Mixer – Buyers Guide

dough mixer price in Kenya

A dough mixer is essential for baking. It helps combine all the ingredients to form a uniform and consistent dough. A dough mixer saves much time and effort that would otherwise be spent to make the dough by hand.

This article is helpful for those looking to get a dough mixer. It provides information on the factors and features to help one decide on the most suited dough mixer.

With more people entering commercial baking, acquiring essential and useful kitchen appliances is important. This includes a dough mixer, making dough-making efficient, fast, and stress-free. Below are factors to consider when choosing a dough mixer;

The Cooking Requirements

What one intends to use the dough mixer for will dictate the mixer one should get. A user with a commercial bakery will prefer a large stand mixer that can make a lot of dough at once. On the other hand, if one is getting a mixer for use at home, a hand mixer may be best as they don’t require mixing too many ingredients at a time.

Speed Settings of the Mixer

Different foods require to be mixed at different speeds. All mixers should have a low setting so that adding ingredients while the mixer is running does not make a huge mess. Most foods should be good with the three-speed settings on most mixers.

However, if one intends to use the mixer a lot on different foods and wants precision, getting a dough mixer with more speed would be a good idea.


The size of the mixer will depend on two elements:

  • The amount of space available in one’s kitchen
  • The amount of food one intends to mix in the dough mixer

After considering the required storage space and the mixer’s usage, one can decide whether to buy a small, medium, or large mixer. The size highly influences the dough mixer price in Kenya.


Mixers have different attachments for mixing different foods. Most mixers have three attachments: a dough hook, a wire whip, and a flat beater.

Other mixers have additional attachments, such as a grinding mill, a slicer, a food grinder, an ice cream maker, and more.

Depending on what food one intends to prepare, one can choose the most suitable dough mixer on the market.

Color Preference

Most mixers are available in black or white. One may want a more colorful option. Manufacturers now make dough mixers in many colors, such as red, purple, yellow, green, and pink. Whatever color one prefers, one can get a mixer in that color or a close shade of the same. Different foods require to be mixed at different speeds.


Having a dough mixer is an advantage for anyone to cook or bake. It is essential to identify the uses of the mixer and other factors like size and color before going out to buy one. Considering all the factors will enable one to buy a mixer that will serve the purpose it was meant for while also providing value for money.

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