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Factors To Consider Before Buying A Study Lamp

A study lamp is a must-have device for your study space or work area. It provides targeted lighting and reduces eye strain, thereby making your workspace more pleasant to study or work. There are different types and styles of study lamps available on the market. Choose a night lamp that matches your needs. Choosing the right study lamp is an easy task. It is also important to buy quality study lamps that last a long time with continuous use. Buy a study lamp online at Wakefit of premium quality for a reasonable price. There are certain factors to check when buying a study lamp. This would help you buy the perfect study lamp that meets your requirements. Here is a guide that lists the essential factors that you must consider before buying a study lamp.

Pick the Right Size.

There are plenty of modern table lamps available online. But it is important that you use a study lamp of the right size. The size of your study lamp must be proportionate to the study table you use. Make sure that your table lamp does not occupy too much of the available space on the table. Also, do not go for a very small table lamp, which cannot illuminate your large table space. The height of the light source of the study lamp is also important. This determines the illumination level.

Choose the Right Type

You have a wide variety of study lamps online to choose from. The output of the lamp varies based on the type you choose. The study lamp types are based on their style, bulb type, power, features, etc. First, list out your requirements for buying a study lamp of the right type. Choose a type that meets your needs and requirements. Check if the type of table lamp you purchase can satisfy your lighting requirements. Make sure that your study lamp meets the actual purpose of using a study lamp.

Some of the types of study lamps available on the market are listed below.

  • Fluorescent study lamp
  • Incandescent desk lamp
  • Clip-on desk lamp
  • USB desk lamp
  • Swing-arm desk lamp
  • Battery-powered lamp

Check for Brightness

The brightness of a study lamp is attributed to the type of bulb used in it. The type of work you carry out determines the brightness of light. So choose a study lamp based on the brightness of the bulb. Take into consideration the foot candles and lumens, which determine the brightness of a study lamp. There are study lamps that let you alter the brightness of the light. There are study lamps that provide varying levels of brightness based on your needs. If you work during the day, a study light with minimum brightness would be sufficient. If you prefer to work at night, then you must go for a study lamp with maximum brightness. A study table for the living room would demand a study lamp where you can alter the brightness. Check the brightness level of the light when you think of buying a study lamp.

Go for an Adjustable Table Lamp

Adjustability is an important factor when buying a table lamp. This makes your table lamp convenient for use. The table lamp design must be in such a way that it is flexible to adjust. Look for options like swing arms, goosenecks, and swivelling heads so that you can rotate the lamp based on your lighting needs. This also enables you to adjust the brightness of the light.

Check for Essential Features

Make sure the study lamp you buy possesses all the essential features to help you work or study better on your study table. Look for other features like flexibility, brightness, design, power consumption, etc. Check if the study lamp offers glare production. This ensures that the study lamp reduces your eye strain. Make sure that it offers the required illumination for your work area. The design of the study lamp impacts the look of your study area. Go for a trendy design to add a stylish look to your room. Check for the above features and buy a useful and durable study lamp.

Prefer Energy-Efficient Lamps

The power source of the study table light may vary. This determines the power consumption of the study lamps. If you use a study lamp for long hours, then it is highly recommended to use an energy-efficient lamp. This saves power consumption and cuts your power bills. LED study lamps are the right choice when you wish to buy an energy-efficient lamp.

Check for Durability

The study lamp is a device that you use regularly. Thus, the quality of the study lamp must be checked before you buy it. Go for a design that looks sturdy. So it is always wise to buy a highly durable and quality study lamp that lasts for years, even after repeated use. Buying a durable study lamp saves money, as you do not need to replace it often.

The above are some of the essential factors that you must consider when you buy a study lamp. Consider your requirements and personal preferences when buying study lamps. This would help you buy the perfect study lamp.

Tips on Buying a Study Lamp

  • It is best to avoid yellow light and prefer white light for reading. Yellow light suits the living room the best.
  • LED study lamps are the perfect choice for reading.
  • Choose study lamps from the range of 4000k to 6500k.
  • Check if the study lamp reduces your eye strain.
  • Go for a study lamp that operates on clean energy.
  • The light source of your study lamp must be placed higher than your head.
  • Check for the type of warranty that comes with the study lamp.
  • Avoid using incandescent table lamps, as they consume a lot of power.
  • The design of your study lamps transforms the look and ambience of the workspace.

Take into account the above tips and buy the right study lamp that meets your requirements.

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