Exploring Top Translation Software for Global Business Expansion

When it comes to translating text, businesses now have a good alternative to using human translators. They can use a special type of computer program called machine translation software. This program uses computer instructions to change words from one language to another. Even though machine translation software was not very accurate at first. However, they have improved with technical innovations.

Because of these improvements, many businesses use this software along with other computer tools to help with translation services. They use it for big projects involving different languages, like making websites available in different countries. But it is not just websites; the software can also translate important documents that businesses need to work with other companies in different countries.

There is a valid reason for businesses to invest in translation. According to a study by Common Sense Advisory, big companies that spend more money on translation are more likely to make more money overall compared to companies that don’t spend as much on translation.

Top Translation Software

Many different translation software programs provide fast and quality translations. But to know which is the greatest, you need to grasp what they do and how they do it.

Google Translate 

Everybody knows about Google Translate; it is like a famous star in the world of translation software. It started in 2006 and used to do word-by-word translations using SMT. But Google got smarter and now uses NMT, which is better, for making translations that make more sense. This smart system they call GNMT uses special brain-like networks to translate whole sentences and tries to keep the meanings clear.


Translation software, also known as CAT tools, is like a helpful friend for translators. It speeds things up and helps get translations out faster, which is super useful for professional software translation services

CAT tools do amazing things like breaking down the original text into chunks and making files that have both languages. They also have a special memory that remembers past translations, making future work quicker and more consistent.


GlobalLink is a special tool that companies use to talk to people all around the world. It helps with making websites and software work in many languages. It is also good for translating important software.

GlobalLink has lots of useful tools that can work alone or together to make things easier for companies that want to go global. 

If your company wants to keep talking to different people and exploring new markets, through your websites and software, then GlobalLink is a smart choice. 

Text United 

Text United provides a platform that helps with translating and adapting things. They brought together skilled translators, both from outside and inside the company, to make sure the translations were professional. This tool helps with simple translations for your website and also provides professional software translation services. 

Even the basic plans from Text United have good things, like a special editor, a way to remember translations and help with SEO in many languages. The more advanced plans have extra things like extra support, moving data, and connecting with other tools.


Paraphrase is the software that provides translation services to global businesses. Whether you want simple translation or translation services for softwares, it offers all the translation services. 

The best part of this tool is that you can translate different files simultaneously. For this, you just need to upload your translation document in any format like PowerPoint presentations, AutoCAD drawings, excel sheets, or InDesign layouts. Moreover, it contains a specific tool that supports Microsoft Office applications and Microsoft Word 

No matter, if you have a small or large content to translate, you just need to copy and paste the content and it provides you with robust translation services with the help of translation memory. Translation memory saves the translated content and if you come across the same count, it extracts the translated content so that you do not need to translate the content again. 

Another best part of this tool is that it can translate spoken languages too. If you send them the script, they send you the translated version. Moreover, it provides a platform for different teams irrespective of their location. If you are looking for professional software translation services, then Paraphrase is a viable option for you.


Another important tool for translation is Crowdin. It provides translation services in several languages. The general public and global businesses are taking advantage of its services. Crowdin is a unique tool that makes the translation process easy. 

It is a platform to manage all your multilingual content. You can go for app localization, localization of games, emails, docs, and blogs with the assistance of this tool. Moreover, you can get all the translation services in real time. Additionally, this tool also assists in teamwork and project management. 

SYSTRAN Translate

Systran Translate started in 1968. It is a pioneer in machine translation. It provides adaptive AI-assisted translation services. Systran machine translation uses artificial neural networks that work just like a human brain. These networks identify the errors immediately, thus providing the customers with seamless translation services. 

Wrapping Up

Because of globalization, the demand for translation services is more than before. For global business expansion, translation companies require large data to be translated. Worry not. With the help of the above-mentioned softwares, you can get seamless translation services in a fast turnaround time. 


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