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Exploring Offshore Software Development-It’s Pros, Challenges, Rates & more

Offshore software development is ideal for cost-effective development, especially if you are a small business owner. It is the process of outsourcing a software development project to a team of developers in another country. The cost of the offshore development process can vary depending on numerous factors, such as the region developers belong to, the complexity of your project, and your requirements. You can even get custom software development services in your budget by offshoring. But before that,  here’s what you need to know before making any decisions on price or location:

How Does Location Affect the Overall Cost of Offshore Development?

While it is true that offshore development is a good alternative to in-house development, you get highly skilled developers at a much lower cost. However, it is essential to remember that the cost varies with the region you are hiring from. Currently, tailored solutions are the staple of software development, so hiring a company that offers modern custom software development services would be highly beneficial.  

Working with skilled and experienced professionals is beneficial as it saves time spent on training and you can start your project immediately – and they’ll know what they’re doing better than anyone else would!

Challenges of Offshore Software Development

Offshore software development offers several benefits, such as cost savings and access to a global talent pool. However, it also comes with a set of challenges that need to be carefully managed to ensure project success. Here are some of the common challenges of offshore software development:

  • Quality Assurance: Ensuring the quality of the software can be challenging when development and testing teams are geographically dispersed. Rigorous testing procedures and well-defined quality standards are essential.
  • Security Concerns: Data security and intellectual property protection can be a major concern when sharing sensitive information and source code with offshore teams. Robust security measures and legal agreements are needed to mitigate risks.
  • Data Privacy and Compliance: Compliance with data protection regulations, such as GDPR or HIPAA in the case of healthcare software development, may require additional efforts when working with offshore teams, particularly if they handle sensitive data.


When to Outsource Software Development?

Outsourcing a team of software developers is not that complicated, and you can go for it at any stage of the development process, like: 

  • Planning Stage – When you ideate the different aspects of your software project, like features to include and technologies to use, you can connect with a software consultant to understand the technicalities and start working on it with a team of adept offshore developers. 
  • Development Stage – If you already have the idea and the structure ready to go in the development process, you can immediately connect with an offshore development company for the development and initiate the process. 
  • Post-development Stage – You can partner with an offshore development company for post-deployment support and maintenance. Working with offshore developers would mean high-quality services in a cost-effective manner. 

How to Manage Your Offshore Developers?

Managing a team of developers is difficult, especially if all the team members belong to different parts of the world and are connected only via Zoom calls. There are chances of cultural differences, time zone differences, and many other factors that may lead to miscommunication or communication gaps. But these challenges can be easily handled if you keep these few tips in mind: 

  • Connect With the Team – Working with a team on the other side of the world can be difficult because of cultural and language barriers. So, before you start the project, have an introductory session and team-building exercise. Spend time with your team to understand their processes and explain yours so that your vision and their practices can align for successful and on-time project completion.

  • Agree on Tracking Tools – Since the team won’t work in-house, tracking their progress can be difficult. This is why using tracking tools is essential to monitor their progress. However, make sure to discuss this with the developers beforehand to make sure they know and provide their consent regarding the same.

  • Avoid Micromanagement – When hiring a team of offshore developers, you must understand that they are not your in-house employees and you have limited control over them. So, connect with them only via meetings or when necessary for example, if you need to give or get an update regarding the development.  

Offshore Developers Can Simplify Complex App Development 

If you find yourself with a project that requires complex builds, you might want to consider hiring offshore developers. Complex builds require a lot of time and effort as well as skill and expertise. They also need extensive communication and interaction with the customer. 

This can be seen in healthcare software development as it involves sensitive patient data and treatment plans that must be kept in a secure environment to avoid data breaches. The development process gets complicated as it requires designing a robust, highly secure backend and responsive and user-friendly frontend interface. Offshore developers who have worked on similar projects can quickly simplify these complexities. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Offshore Company:

  • Cost of Development – Offshore companies can offer lower rates than local ones as there are no overhead and infrastructure costs. The best way to determine whether or not an offshore software development company offers you good value is by comparing their pricing with what other companies charge for similar services. If they’re significantly cheaper than everyone else while still delivering quality work and can be considered reliable based on the reviews and client testimonies, then it may be worth considering them as part of your budgeting process!
  • Legal and Language Barriers – When working with someone from another country who speaks a different language than yours (and vice versa), there will usually be some kind of barrier preventing full communication between parties during discussions about work tasks or project requirements/changes, etc.

How to Find the Ideal Offshore Developer?

The first step in finding an offshore developer is to research your options. You’ll want to find out as much information about the company as possible, including:

  • What languages do they speak?
  • How long they’ve been in the business?
  • Their experience and certifications (if any)

Next, you must decide what type of programmer you’re looking for. Or if you want to build yourself a team of developers, then what skills do you want them to have, these may include: 

  • What kind of experience do you need in your next hire?
  • What type of experience do you want to give your next hire?
  • How much experience do you want in your next hire?
  • How much experience will you get from your next hire

Compare Costs Between Local and Overseas Developers

Don’t just go for offshore development without checking what local talent has to offer. Make sure that you don’t just compare the costs they are demanding but also: 

  • Their quality of work 
  • Estimated time taken 
  • Reviews from previous clients

Offshore Software Development May Be the Right Decision for Some Projects and Not Others

When considering offshore software development, it’s important to consider the project and its requirements. For example, if you’re looking for a simple website with no complex functionality and a small budget, then an offshore team might be the right choice for your project. On the other hand, if you need an app with extensive functionality that needs to be built quickly with high quality standards–and done so in-house–then it’s probably best not to go down this route.

The cost involved in offshore projects is often less than half of what it would be if done domestically. In addition to saving money on labor costs, there are also other factors such as travel expenses, that may be reduced when working with an offshore team instead of one located domestically or locally near where you live or work. However, remember that the salaries and costs change per region and skill level. So before hiring any freelancer, agency, or service provider, thoroughly check and compare the different companies to get the best value and skillset. 


While there are many benefits to hiring an offshore team, it’s important to remember that they will not always be a better option than hiring a local one. If you are not getting the desired quality with the offshore developers, you may want to consider other options that might be more costly but could also provide higher-quality workmanship. 

The key takeaway is that it’s an excellent approach for lowering costs and time. It works especially well for startups and established companies with no IT team. However, finding the right partner who understands your requirements can get complicated. 

If you want to hire professionals with excellent and diverse skills who can work as per your timezone and design their strategies to align with your goals, then TRooTech is your ideal choice. We ensure a quality solution is delivered with our streamlined methodology, collaborative mindset, and up-to-date tech stack. Contact us and get your project started with our team of experts.  

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