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Essentials to consider before buying a Commercial Juice Dispenser

Essentials to consider before buying a Commercial Juice Dispenser

A juice dispenser is a machine used to dispense fruit punch, lemonade, iced tea, and fruit juice containing particulates. It is commonly used in hotels, restaurants, bars, schools, convenience stores, and commercial streets.

It is also known as an iced beverage dispenser, refrigerator beverage, or cold drink dispenser. There are two types of beverage dispensers: electric and non-electronic.

In this article, we will discuss the components of beverage dispensers and the factors to consider when purchasing a commercial juice dispenser.

Components of Beverage Dispensers

  • Ice pole

This is a cylindrical tube found inside the dispenser that helps to keep the cold without diluting the beverage.

  • Lid

The top cover of the dispenser is used to cover the beverage to avoid contamination.

  • Polycarbonate container

It is a clear glass that helps display the beverage’s color inside the dispenser.

  • Frame

It is stainless steel used to support the dispenser hence bringing about the stability of the dispenser.

  • Drip tray

It is a removable bottom of the dispenser. It acts as the base that helps the dispenser sit on its own hence leveling it.

How to operate a beverage dispenser

Operating any dispenser is easy and requires no skills to handle and operate. Operating it is as easy as 1, 2, and 3. Here is how to operate;

Remove the lid, pour your pre-mixed drinks into the tank, and turn the unit on. Wait for the mixture to mix up thoroughly before switching off the unit.


  • Always check the manual time it will take for the unit to chill your drink.
  • Don’t fill the hopper with hot products to avoid the risk of burning out the monitor.
  • Don’t exceed the liquid level above the maximum fill line or drop below the minimum line.
  • Do not let the beverage stay in the hopper overnight while the unit is turned off.

Tips for cleaning the dispenser

  1. Remove and soak nozzles and diffuse them in warm soapy water daily.
  2. Wipe the exterior surfaces with soap and water to remove all build-ups.
  3. Clean the drip tray using soap and water every day.
  4. Remove any coagulation on the valves annually.
  5. Wash and sanitize ice hoppers and chutes every month.
  6. If applicable, lubricant ‘O’ rings using a food-grade lubricant.
  7. In case of any breakdown, contact the manufacturers.
  8. Always keep it in place which is out of reach by children.

Factors to consider when buying dispensers

Several varieties are available in the market, so choosing what is best for you can be a daunting task. However, here are some elements to consider when buying your dispenser;

  • Assessing where and how the unit will be used is important.

You are advised to determine the purpose of buying a dispenser and choose the one that fits your demands.

  • Assess the available space you have and the drink flavor you would be serving

We recommend you buy a dispenser to fit the room in which you intend to store it to avoid inconvenience.

  • Targeted Audience

It would help to consider whether you have the manpower to monitor and refill customer needs.

  • Voltage

Higher voltage leads to faster recovery it is important to consider the right voltage of the dispenser before buying one.

In conclusion, this article is helpful when buying a commercial juice dispenser. It educates the factors to consider when buying. It will help you choose the best dispenser since the market has wide varieties. It is also recommended to research the dispenser you want before deciding to buy it.

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