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Essential Factors To Consider When Buying Spill Kits in 2024

Do you run a business that operates with hazardous materials or materials that can pose safety concerns upon spilling? If yes, then your business certainly needs the right spill kits.

As long as you choose the right kits, such as an oil spill kit and chemical spill kit, you’ll be able to prevent potential safety issues in your workplace. The best kits won’t only help in cleaning up spills around your work environment. In addition, they’re also cost-effective, and will help you prevent legal issues. As you read on, you’ll discover a few effective ways on how to choose the right spill kits for your business.

1.  What substance will the kit be absorbing?

What liquid substances will the targeted spill kit be absorbing? You should start by asking this question before choosing a product.

If you don’t know, spill kits are never created the same way. They are available in different types; some are designed with absorbents that can effectively absorb oil-based and water-based liquids. Chemical spill kits are specially designed to absorb chemicals. Oil spill kits are designed to help absorb oil-based substances.

The bottom line is that using the wrong type of absorbent material can be a costly mistake. It can even be hazardous or ineffective for its intended purpose.

Ocean Safety Supplies is one of the leading providers of spill kits today. This company sells a wide range of products, including:

  • General purpose spill kits
  • Chemical spill kits
  • Fuel or oil spill kits
  • Marine SOPEP kits
  • Marine floating kits

You can visit Ocean Safety Supplies now to learn more about these spill kits.

2.  Volume of absorbable liquid

What amount of liquid in your organization can be spilled from a single container. Knowing the exact figure can also assist you in choosing a suitable product.

Do you often store your liquid substances in drums or totes? If yes, then the amount of liquid that could be spilled is the volume of the drums or totes.

Bottom line: you need chemical or oil spill kits that are specially designed to handle specific volumes of spills. This explains why knowing the rough volume of the potential spill is crucial. It’ll help you to choose a kit that features the right absorbent capacity.

3.  Location & container

Before buying a spill kit, you also need to choose a kit with the right type of container. Also, you need to factor in the location, where spilling is possible. Here’s exactly how these two factors work:

  • First, the type of container will significantly affect the ease of storage of the kit.
  • Container type also affects other factors, such as spill kit accessibility and portability.

For instance, if the location where spilling happens is a bit far from the storage area, you may need to buy wheeled carts. You need them to easily mobilize larger oil or chemical spill kits to the affected location.

Need help finding the best spill kits for your business? If yes, you can visit Ocean Safety Supplies now. This firm sells different types of kits and other materials. Interestingly, all these products are durable and they sell at affordable prices.

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