EPT Token – Alternative Cryptocurrency and Payment Wallet

e-pocket is an advanced platform that delivers a sophisticated payment solution. It is a very innovative system designed to revolutionize the entire transactional system-improving the way people buy, sell and manage money. E-pocket is designed specifically to fill in the gap that exist between the banking and financial industry.  With this platform, people all of the world can control their cryptocurrencies , safely store their major cryptocurrencies, buy and sell cryptocurrencies and also use their cryptocurrencies to purchase goods and services within the platform without any intermediary of exchange .

The e-pocket system uses QR codes enabled technology to allow funds to be transferred from one account to the other. This QR code is encrypted and generated automatically by the system to every account holder during their registration on the system. The e-pocket platform also stores all invoices and receipts; allowing the user to retrieve it at any point in time. More so, the platform has a unique ticketing system that allows event organizers to have access to our system, where they can upload their event tickets for sale.  Payments can be made to another e-pocket user either business or individual  carrying out the transaction by scanning business QR code from the supplier/business soft/hard copy bill, then the payee selects their method of payment.

e-pocket token (EPT) is an exchangeable digital asset or store of value powered by epocket LTD’s advanced state of the art technology.  This token was designed with the aim to revolutionize the manner at which people all over the world carryout their daily transactions [buy, sell, exchange funds and services], regardless of their location.

There are 64 million EPT token in circulation –which is very low compared to other ICO’s. When you invest in the EPT token, you are acquiring a tradable/ exchangeable digital asset that has value; it can be traded for profit after the ICO on the different exchanges that will be listing the EPT. What this implies is that you can easily trade the tokens for cash anytime if you choose to. The pre-ICO of the EPT token started December 15, 2017 and will end January 21, 2018. The main ICO will commence January 22, 2018 and will end February 19, 2018. The current price of the EPT token is: 1EPT = 10cents.

Services provided by the e-pocket platform will incur a fee and will generate lots of profits. This means that if you are a holder of EPT tokens, you can be making a profit as the value of the token increases while still having the ability to trade your coins at any time.

This is a way for e-pocket to invite the general public into being a part of the e-Pocket and have the opportunity to benefit from the profits.

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