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Emaediong Umoh A Lawyer Cum Divorce Mediator 

A good lawyer knows his or her client and spends hours researching the background and important details related to the case. Lawyers are needed for different reasons such as child custody, family-related issues, divorce, and many more. Emaediong Umoh is one such lawyer who handles issues of divorce, child custody, and family laws. He is experienced in the field of law for many years and can therefore provide the best solutions. He is a certified divorce mediator whose work is to talk and listen to both parties involved in a divorce and reach the most rightful solution that is beneficial for all. 

He focuses on understanding the story and viewpoints of both the parties involved in a divorce and helps them to come to an agreeable solution. His first and foremost job is to mediate the divorce and stop it from taking place if there exists even a slight chance of making the marriage work. He finds out the root causes of all the problems that exist between two partners and helps them to clear up any existing misunderstandings. The ultimate goal of any divorce mediator is to help two parties work together and come to a settlement. 

Emaediong Umoh is a member of the ADR committee that comes under the Family Law Section of the Philadelphia Bar Association. He has experience working with a divorce mediation firm in Philadelphia. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Kutztown University. Furthermore, he has also earned a child welfare certificate from the University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work. He has received an education from one of the top Universities and is, therefore, one of the best lawyers working in Philadelphia. 

He has committed himself to human service and legal scholarship for which he has been awarded the New York Court of Appeals Pro Bono Legal Scholar. He has also been awarded the Cali Excellence for The Future Award in multiple legal arenas, namely, Trial Advocacy, Legal Writing, and Negotiations. Lawyers are needed in our life in challenging times and in such times, our cases must be handled by the best lawyer. A divorce mediator like Emaediong Umoh has experience working with multiple clients that come from a variety of different backgrounds. 

He has helped partners mediate their relationship and come to a solution that both partners agree upon. Marriages can be tough but divorces are tougher if not handled properly. Divorces can be frustrating and stressful if one keeps on fighting and quarreling with one other. Especially in the case of who is the more reliable parent to own the custody of a child, most of the problems begin with. Various aspects need to be kept on account when it comes to child custody and issues related to family laws. All of these aspects are handled with care by none other than Ej Umoh. 

He is not only a certified divorce mediator but also the founder and director of the Umoh Foundation. The basis of his foundation is that mental health services should be made available to one and all as it is a basic human right and must be provided equally to all human beings. This is the reason why the Umoh Foundation was created in the first place. The foundation has done commendable work in the field of mental peace and mental health and has offered its services to all those in need of it. Ej Umoh is indeed a remarkable person and a great divorce mediator from Philadelphia who has a lot of experience in the field of law.

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