Here is how e-Pocket is Revolutionising Payments.

here has been a lot of innovation in the payments sector in recent years with the likes of PayPal and Ripple making cross border payments faster than ever. Some big banks are also eyeing blockchain technology to help them reduce the time and expense in international cash transfers. However, e-pocket is set to surpass all these great innovations in the payments sector. While other innovations have focused on either fiat money or cryptocurrency, e-pocket allows you to transact in both types of money. More interestingly, you can store different cryptocurrencies on the e-pocket wallet, making it no longer necessary to have an e-wallet for every cryptocurrency that you transact in.

So, what is e-Pocket?

E-Pocket is an advanced platform delivering sophisticated payment solutions through a mobile app. The innovatory system is attached to a mobile banking app to improve the way you manage, buy and sell money. It is a unique fintech solution designed to fill the gap in the banking and financial services industry. Though it’s a fintech solution, e-pocket serves several sectors including retail, hospitality and event management, marketing and e-billing.

How Does e-Pocket Work?

E-pocket uses a QR code to enable you transfer money from one account to another. When you register for an e-pocket account, the system automatically generates an encrypted QR code unique to your account. To transfer money to another e-pocket account holder, you are required to initiate the QR code by scanning it with your smartphone or tablet. The system then recognises you as the owner of the specific QR code and initiates the payment. The e-pocket system stores all invoices and receipts of your transactions and allows you to retrieve them at a later date.

What E-pocket can do

Peer to Peer Transfer

You can send any cryptocurrency to another member of the e-pocket network at very low transaction charges. It does not matter whether you are transacting as an individual or it is your business that is transacting.

Consumer Payments

As a user, you can pay your bills by scanning businesses QR codes at the point of sales or from business paper or electronic bill, select your payment method, such as stored credit or bank cards, e-Pocket wallet, or crypto-currency. Thereafter, the system recognizes the business or Supplier’s name and contact details and displays them on your phone and prompts you for payment. Both you and the businesses/Suppliers will receive an instant payment notification.

Why E-pocket?

E-pocket allows you to handle your cryptocurrencies within a decentralised ecosystem with no intermediary such as an exchange. You can:

  • Safely store any major cryptocurrency that you own
  • Buy and sell cryptocurrencies
  • Use your cryptocurrencies to buy goods and services

E-pocket Token

The pre-sale of the e-pocket token (EPT) began on the 15th December 2017 and will continue until the 21st January 2018. This means that the pre-sale period will end in less than two weeks’time. The ICO will start on the 22nd January 2018 and end on the 19th of February 2018. This is one of the most exciting token sales where you can earn commission by referring your network to invest in e-pocket tokens.

You can learn more about e-pocket by accessing the white paper here.

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