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Comprehensive Review of the Private Label Accelerator Program

The Amazon marketplace is a jungle and if you want to succeed there, you have to be strategically positioned for success. One of the best ways to secure a slice of Amazon’s revenue for yourself is to build a private label brand on Amazon.

This is where the Private Label Accelerator program comes in. In this post, we’ll do a thorough private-label accelerator program review. We’ll consider its pros and cons, and why you should consider investing in it.

Overview of the Private Label Accelerator Program

The Private Label Accelerator Program was launched by Amazon expert, Parker Wilde in 2020 in a bid to help aspiring and existing entrepreneurs join the Amazon marketplace and succeed there.

The program focuses on helping people launch their own automated Amazon businesses from scratch. 

Unlike the Amazon accelerator program which is run by Amazon itself, this accelerator program is run by a team of experts who have years of Amazon seller experience under their belt and have decided to make their services available for anyone willing to pay. 

There are some other benefits as well: you’ll get access to training videos and webinars, which are really helpful for learning new skills. And if you need some assistance with funding your business, there’s also a chance that you could get some extra funding from one of the partners.

How Does The Program Work?

Parker Wilde’s Private Label Accelerator program is designed to walk people through all the processes involved in launching profitable private label businesses; from finding profitable product ideas to product sourcing and even securing business funding.

The program offers two main services — the premium or done-for-you service and the base service.

Premium/Done-For-You Service

If you opt for this service, Parker Wilde and his expert team will take up the full responsibility of launching your business and ensuring it is successful. They will not only find profitable product ideas, source them, and list them for you, but they will also ensure that the business is fully automated and can be run without any hassles. 


This service option is more expensive, but if your goal is to build an automated Amazon business for passive income, you should definitely go for this. 

Why? Because selling private label on Amazon already places you ahead of your competitors, but having experts set up your business and manage all the processes for you will increase your chances of success and save you time. 

Most testimonials, including mine, focus on the time-saving benefit of this done-for-you service. 

Base Service

This service option gives you lifetime access to the private label accelerator masterclass; a comprehensive resource that simplifies everything you need to know to launch and manage your Amazon business yourself.

The premium service also gives you access to this resource. So when you consider this and the time you save when the experts set your business up, I’d say the premium service is quite better. 

The private label accelerator program uses a profit split approach. So, you can be sure that the team has your best interest at heart, because if you are not making money, then they aren’t too. And if you make a lot of money, they get to make money too. It’s a win-win affair which gives the program a bonus point in my books. 

There’s the 70/30 profit split where 70% of the profit goes to you and the rest goes to the team and there’s the 50/50 profit split where the profits are shared equally. But of course, the profit split depends on the plan you choose.

How Much Does the Private Label Accelerator Program Cost?

The program offers two different plans but in my opinion, both are reasonably priced based on the benefits you get from them. 

If you want a 70/30 profit split with Parker Wilde’s team, you’ll have to go for the $20k plan, but if you cannot afford that then you can opt for the 50/50 profit split and pay $10k. 

Both plans are done-for-you services, so the team does everything for you and continues to manage and scale your business on your behalf. You also get lifetime access to the private label accelerator masterclass.

The program is out to help more people leverage the potential of the Amazon marketplace, however, most aspiring entrepreneurs are often skeptical of investing in the program. 

Of course, no investment is without its own risks and since Parker Wilde’s private-label accelerator program is not free, so skepticism is expected. But as someone who has personally come across glowing reviews from those who signed up for the program, I know that an investment in it is not a waste. 

You don’t have to take my word for it, that’s why this is a private label accelerator review. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the program to help you decide.

Pros and Cons of Parker Wilde’s Private Label Accelerator Program

The Private Label Accelerator program offers a wide range of benefits, but it also comes with a few drawbacks. However, you should base your decision on how costly the drawbacks are, and whether or not the pros outweigh the cons. Let’s see.


  • Access to expert guidance and resources

There’s a lot of work involved in setting up your business and scaling it to the point where it starts to generate steady cash flow. Signing up for the program is a great way to access expert guidance and get all the help you need to succeed as a private label seller. 

The team will take the burden off your shoulders, and manage all your business tasks, such as finding products, creating optimized product listings, promoting and advertising your products, and so on

  • Passive income with less time spent on setting up and scaling

The done-for-you service gives you more time to focus on your other commitments without having to worry about your business. Since the experts only make money if you do, then you can rest assured that they will do everything it takes to ensure you succeed. You can earn passive income without engaging in the cumbersome process of running a business yourself. 

  • Access to Funding

Parker Wilde and his team partner with an American-based firm that helps aspiring entrepreneurs access business credit cards and funding to set up their businesses.


  • Cost-Intensive

Aspiring entrepreneurs who are on a tight budget may be unable to invest in the program. However, there’s the option for the base service which offers lifetime access to the PLA masterclass for only $2,000. 

When it comes down to it, the pros of the private label accelerator program far outweigh the cons. 

Who Can Sign Up for The Program?

The private label accelerator program is open to:

  • Prospective and existing Amazon sellers who want to boost sales, increase revenue, and become top sellers on Amazon. The program provides all the knowledge needed to do this.
  • A lot of people interested in earning money on Amazon don’t have the time or skills to run an Amazon business. Anyone who wants to start a private label business on Amazon but does not have the time and knowledge required to is eligible for the program.

Private label sellers do not need any technical knowledge to scale their businesses using this program, the only investment is the cost of the service.

Is the Program Worth It?


Amazon FBA businesses usually require sufficient knowledge of how to find wholesale suppliers, optimize product listings, and conduct market research so you can turn a decent profit.

Investing in private label accelerator program is equivalent to skipping the journey to mastering the aforementioned processes.

Parker Wilde and his team of experts will take care of your product research, keyword research, listing optimization, and supplier negotiation, when your business is in the hands of a team of experts, you are guaranteed to make a profit.

Final Words

As with any other profitable venture, if you choose to invest in the program you will have to exercise a considerable amount of patience. The private label accelerator program typically takes a timeline of about 5-6 months. 

However, the team takes a share of the total returns your business makes, this further shows that the team is as invested in growing your business and making sure it turns a profit, as you are.


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