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Comparing AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT

AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT are really cool products from the Autodesk corporation, and they are very useful for those who are involved in the sphere of construction, engineering, and architecture. Follow the material below to learn about the main difference between these two kinds of software and the best option to get these products.

First of all, it is essential to note what the software is going to be used for. It is vital to consider the purpose and the scope of the project that will be developed with the help of the appropriate software. But in general, there are key characteristics that refer to both products that have to be kept in mind.

AutoCAD LT: What Is It All About?

This software is actually AutoCAD which lacks specific features. One of the greatest advantages of this product is as follows: it is going to cost less than regular AutoCAD. This is what the clients can deal with via AutoCAD LT:

  • Introducing 2D CAD drawings;
  • Sticking to the ribbon galleries;
  • Taking advantage of smart dimensioning which can be applied to drawings (the measurements are about to be created automatically), etc.

This software is compatible with Windows and Mac.

AutoCAD: Is It About to Offer You More Stuff?

This is actually true, and everyone should be aware of it. There are more useful features in AutoCAD compared with AutoCAD LT, and users can also deal with 3D models with the help of this software.

One of the notable differences is also presented by the built-in programming capabilities. Thanks to them, the users are welcome to create their own programs to generate drawings automatically. Plus, there are CAD standards management tools that are offered in AutoCAD. They help to make sure that any of the drawings you are about to introduce comply with the existing requirements in the industry.

It may seem that bigger businesses should deal with AutoCAD while smaller firms need to stick to AutoCAD LT more often. This is not always true, and it is essential to consider each situation separately.

What Are the Other Factors That Determine Making a Certain Decision?

Apart from what has been mentioned above, there is also a sense in taking a look at the rest of the stuff that has to deal with the process of selecting a suitable product. It is about to be presented below.

  1. The opportunity to learn the basics of the product. When there is not much time but there is a necessity to deal with 2D drawings, AutoCAD LT is going to be a smarter option to stick to. Plus, some people do not even want to deal with all the features of AutoCAD. But if a user feels like he has enough time, and he is going to be involved in 3D modeling, it is sensible to pick AutoCAD instead of AutoCAD LT.
  2. The budget that can be spent on getting the products. It is going to be more costly to obtain AutoCAD when compared to AutoCAD LT. This can be a determining factor for some people or companies.
  3. The direction of the project that has to be implemented. For example, if it is the commercial construction area, 3D modeling is going to be used more frequently here. 

Getting a Second-Hand License for Both Kinds of Software

This is a great solution as long as in this case, you will not spend a crazy sum of money. If you come across a discount, such a purchase is going to be even more beneficial.

For instance, you are welcome to buy AutoCAD LT 2024 with a discount on What is more, you can also get regular AutoCAD at an attractive price here. This is one of the best stores when it comes to the opportunity to receive the software at the greatest cost ever.

You should not have any worries in connection with getting the AutoCAD software as a second-hand license. It is just essential to pick the right store that will not let you down. Some of the most important features of such an online store are presented below:

  • The simplicity of making a purchase which means that you should just scan the catalog, select a product that interests you, and add it to the cart;
  • The adequate pricing with the abundance of discounts for clients;
  • The nice selection of products for the experts of all kinds;
  • Having a chance to use the Contacts to ask questions or resolve the matters that are likely to worry you;
  • Having the opportunity to check the basic info about the product you plan to obtain (this refers to accessible languages, OS, the type of license you can get, and the main description of the product that would highlight its features and the tools inside it), etc.

If you see that the store fits all of these criteria, it is a great idea to consider it a spot for the purchase. 

How to Start Using AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT?

It is vital to complete the purchase to be able to deal with any of these products. The clients typically add a necessary product to the cart which has to be followed by paying for the software. It is often real to do this with the help of one of a few payment methods (the customer prefers to stick to credit cards in most cases).

As soon as the purchase is made, a customer will be able to download the product and start to use it. If you do not have proper knowledge in connection with dealing with AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT, it is a great idea to dive into proper research first. This will help you to get the basics of the product.

By the way, those who have some doubts linked to the actual purchase are free to use the 30-day trial to test the software. It is a great period of time to stick to a certain decision.


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