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CannaDAO Re-imagines Itself as Crypto Sustainability & Truth in Cannabis Coalition

Eric Benz, the founder of CannaDAO, announced that the organization is about to reveal the results of its comprehensive rebrand as a unique web3 ecosystem. Mr. Benz also said that the new platform, to be called LEEF, will be launched in the coming weeks. At that time, the new brand will be populated on social media and an all-new White Paper (the LEEF Paper) will be accessible on the site.

Much of the team that has built the new enterprise is made up of the founding CannaDAO professionals; nevertheless, the current roster of players includes many new faces, including software engineers, a design team, scientists with cannabis expertise, expert researchers, policy analysts, user experience consultants, content marketing professionals and story writers.

The new iteration of the coalition seeks to protect citizens everywhere from anti-cannabis attitudes with community efforts of recognized scientists and researchers in the field of cannabis and crypto.

“We are building a web3 portal and DAO to provide information on cannabis and hemp that is empirical and trustworthy,” said Mr. Benz. “Our vision is to identify the most impactful projects that serve our mission of destigmatizing cannabis and hemp, and support them on our platform,” he said.

The new approach will encourage collaboration among contributors to assist one another as they launch their own projects which will be listed on the platform. This structure means that any governance token holder will be able to participate in investment decisions.

The rebrand of CannaDAO applies crypto tech to solve the problem of friction points on the path to normalizing cannabis and hemp — and to developing the industry globally.

CannaDAO had billed itself, The Bloomberg of Cannabis and its slogan was “The future of finance is green”. It offered data coverage with its app and access to an ecosystem to connect enthusiasts, professionals, newcomers and experts in a self-governing community. CannaDAO was also a decentralized platform for indexing and ratings analysis.

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