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Building the Future: DTC’s Important Role in Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030


DTC, a prominent construction company, champions Saudi Arabia’s ambitious development plans. It aims to make the country a major global economic force. In 2004, DTC founded the company. It has since grown to be one of the top general contracting companies in the nation. It provides top-notch buildings, specialized services, and the infrastructure needed for Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

Built on a Quality and Safety Commitment

DTC has been motivated from the beginning by a dedication to sustainability, quality, and safety values that are exactly in line with the tenets guiding Vision 2030. All of the company’s building projects which include a wide variety of industries including industrial, commercial, educational, healthcare, infrastructure, and more showcase its commitment to these fundamental values.

The CEO of DTC said, “We’re happy to offer the best building services. We always put the safety of our workers and the neighborhood first. We’ve become a big player in Saudi Arabia’s building business. We’re a trusted partner in achieving the high goals of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. We’ve achieved this because we’re always committed to quality.”

Enabling the Infrastructure Revolution in the Kingdom


Transforming and increasing vital infrastructures including highways, electricity grids, water networks, and communications is a major component of Vision 2030. DTC, being a seasoned infrastructure expert, has been essential to this national modernization project.

Major projects in the firm’s portfolio include building highway interchanges, water treatment facilities, and electricity networks—all of which are necessary to raise Saudi people’ quality of life, sustainability, and connectedness. Additionally improving the nation’s public areas and urban landscapes are DTC’s skills in hardscaping, landscaping, and earthwork.

A keystone of Vision 2030 is infrastructure development, and the CEO says, “We are proud to be using our experience to deliver revolutionary projects that will benefit the Saudi people for generations to come.” This infrastructure is not only constructed to the highest standards but also positioned to support the kingdom’s long-term expansion goals because of our dedication to adopting the newest technology and methodologies.

The economy diversified by construction excellence.

A further primary objective of Vision 2030 is to diversify Saudi Arabia’s economy. It aims to move it away from its long-standing reliance on gas and oil production. The strategy says we will develop new industries and strengthen current ones. One main area for new development is construction.

Leading the building sector, DTC is well positioned to support this economic diversification. From industrial and commercial structures to healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and more, the company’s comprehensive portfolio includes a broad variety of specialist building services. This range of experience closely relates to the government’s objective of developing a vibrant, multifaceted construction industry.

“The enormous potential of the construction industry to drive economic growth and create new job opportunities for Saudi citizens is recognized by Vision 2030,” the CEO said. “We at DTC are excited to support this vision by delivering high-quality built environments that will serve as the cornerstone for the kingdom’s future prosperity.”

Growing an innovation and sustainability culture.

Vision 2030 is built on a focus on the environment. It values preservation, sustainability, and cutting-edge tech. Deeply ingrained in DTC’s own business procedures and corporate culture are these goals.

The business has invested much in advancing its knowledge. It has focused on cutting-edge building materials, renewable energy, and sustainable building techniques. These include the first uses of new flooring solutions. They use steel fiber. They also use high-performance roofing and insulation. All these things boost durability, energy efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

“We will keep up the effort to achieve Vision 2030’s lofty goals. At the core of our method are ecology and innovation, the CEO observed. Our aim is to create and applying cutting-edge, ecologically friendly building solutions. We do this because we know the buildings we create today will shape tomorrow’s Saudi Arabia.”

Putting Money Towards the Future Saudi Workforce

Developing Saudi Arabia’s people is crucial. There’s an emphasis on enabling the next generation of the country’s workforce. This is a key part of Vision 2030. DTC has taken up this commitment with enthusiasm. The company has made big investments in programs to help staff grow their careers. They focus on upskilling and training.

Saudi nationals are given the information and abilities they need to succeed in the construction sector via the company’s extensive technical and management competency training programs. To provide young Saudis hoping to pursue professions in the industry invaluable practical experience, DTC also collaborates with top universities to provide internships and apprenticeships.

“We think the skills and commitment of the Saudi people will decide how successful Vision 2030 is,” the CEO says. We are devoted to developing a workforce for this reason. They need knowledge and zeal. They will move our country’s construction sector forward in the years to come.”


Dorar Tammam Contracting (DTC) is dedicated to delivering exceptional construction services across Saudi Arabia. With over 20 years of experience and a proven track record of success in completing mega projects, DTC is the partner you need for your next venture.

Whether you’re looking to develop commercial properties, residential complexes, or infrastructural projects, DTC has the expertise and resources to bring your vision to life. Reach out to us today to discuss your project requirements and learn how we can help you achieve your goals.

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