Building a Value-Based Utility Ecosystem with Valorem.

The truth is, the Blockchain technology was built as a peer-to-peer system that would eliminate the need for the involvement of third parties in any form of exchange or transaction, but now we see it being incorporated into many other sectors. Why? Basically for the main aim of building trust. Now, Valorem is bringing vendors, traders, and business owners of any kind, to the limelight by leading them to the awesome world of blockchain.

Valorem’s Value-Based Platform

The Ethereum Blockchain has helped many industries build a platform off it, and Valorem is taking advantage of this unique opportunity. How? By creating a system of transaction that not only has blockchain at its base of operations but is also fast and easy-to-use as a result of the smart contract feature of the Ethereum blockchain.

As a business owner or trader, or someone needing a service or product, the platform is there to serve your every need by creating a medium where all sorts of financial transactions can be done easily. You can buy and sell products, apply for a student loan, insurance, car loan and other microloans, or even donate to a charity – everything you need in your daily life all in a single platform.

Using the Blockchain technology, Valorem hopes to build trust between entities involved in an exchange or transaction, and in the long run develop a platform that is not just value-based but also functions as a stable means where peer-to-peer networking and exchanges like the sale and acquisition of insurance, donation to charities, crowdfunding, sales of goods and service, and so much more, can be done seamlessly.

Valorem’s VLR Token and the Zero Coin Protocol

With Valorem being a value-based platform and a solution to the need for a platform that encompasses all of the current monetary services, it is solidified by Ethereum’s smart contract using an ERC-20 token known as VLR. Using this token allows users to be a part of this ever-evolving global marketplace that supports selling, buying, investing, and much more.

The Zero Coin Protocol is simply the system in the Valorem platform that allows the verification and storage of transactions within the network. The further helps build trust since transactions cannot be removed or altered.

VLR Token ICO Journey

The VLR token ICO started when it went live on December 12, 2017. This also marked the beginning of the pre-sale period that ran up until January 28, 2018, where a 100% bonus was given to early adaptors.

The main sale of the VLR token started on January 28 with 50% bonus dished out to new buyers. This period will continue untill June 28, and the amount of bonuses given out reduces as it comes to a close. Currently, the bonus is placed at 20% for new buyers.

Throughout the main sale, a total of 200,000,000 VLR token will be supplied, which is currently valued at 1000 VLR = 1 ETH. The hard cap and soft cap are set at $52,000,000 and $25,000,000 respectively, and currently, the total amount of VLR token allocated stands at 26,582,157 VLR.


A platform that adequately contains all the modern day monetary services has been sort out for a while now, but the Valorem platform using the VLR token has come to the rescue.


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