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Boost Your Website: How Website Analytics and Session Replay Tools Work Together?

Over the past few years, we have seen a rise in the use of analytics in every walk of life. From IoT to Big Data, we see automation technology and analytics all around us – influencing our daily lives and decisions. Every entrepreneur worth their salt is switching to better analytics solutions to gain a leg over the competition. So, when it comes to a website and its performance, it is all the more important to use cutting-edge solutions like website analytics and session recording software to make a difference. Many people often use one or the other to boost their website traffic, however, it is ideal if you can combine both to maximize their potential.

How Website Analytics and Session Replay Tool Complement Each Other?

Although you can use website analytics and session replay tools in isolation to enhance the value of your website, you will barely scratch the surface of the true power that modern technology and analytics have to offer. Therefore, combining website analytics with an equally potent session replay tool is required to maximize the effectiveness of your website.

When you use website session recording along with website analytics, you can correlate quantitative analytics data with qualitative session recording data. In simple terms, you can observe the overall trends through analytics. After that, you can verify what you have learned by watching individual user sessions, which can help you pinpoint the exact obstacles that are preventing customers from making a purchase. At every step, you can rely on the power of analytics to guide you in the right direction, and then user session recording can be used to address specific issues.

The Benefits of Using Website Analytics and Session Replay Tools Together

When you use session recording software along with website analytics tools, you derive the following benefits:

  1. Ability to identify user pain points easily: When you have access to aggregated data via analytics, you can identify patterns that influence user experience negatively. Later, you can analyze specific issues by going through individual session recordings. Hence, it becomes easier to eliminate pain points that your existing and prospective customers face.
  2. Verifying and validating the data received through analytics: Analytics data doesn’t always inspire confidence and sway you into making decisions. You still feel the need for validation. That’s where session replay tools come into the picture. By showing website visitors in action, they confirm your belief in a prospective step that you were about to take. As a result, you feel complete conviction and justification while changing important elements of your website. In a way, the combination of these tools creates a ‘less-hesitant’ and more dynamic process that often helps you make groundbreaking decisions, which otherwise could not have been made.
  3. Better conversion optimization: Conversions are the holy grail of business operations. Without constant conversions, your business can’t grow, so you need to frequently try new methods to attract customers. What better way to do that than sprucing up your website according to their peculiar tastes? If analytics are pointing out that the leading segment of your customer demographics craves a certain feature, you can implement the changes immediately with the knowledge that if the rectifications fail to inspire buying decisions, you will be able to capture them in the session recordings. Therefore, you can make wholesale changes, reiterate after viewing a user session replay, come back with new features, and then rinse and repeat till the changes have a positive impact on the conversions.
  4. Take personalization to the next level: It is impossible to know your customers for sure until you see them in action. Going through website sessions and recording videos helps you visualize every action. So, when you see that a particular type of customer from a specific region with a certain purchasing power engages with your website in a certain way, you can easily base your next promotional strategies and website amendments on that behavior. Even better, you can segment your website in a way that provides different options for different customers (based on their demographics). This way, you can show the customers that you care about them and are ready to go the extra mile with them. Personalized options like discounts on specific items of their choice can be a major influencer in their buying behaviors and increase their love for your website.

Final Thoughts

Website analytics have been in prevalence for a long time with every top company using them to learn more about their customers and buying trends. But with the evolution of next-gen website session recording tools, like the one provided by Busatools, we can see a confluence of these technologies that works magically when it comes to improving a business’s prospects. In this post, we have discussed the various advantages that are on offer for businesses that are willing to use website analytics and session replay tools together. If you get access to the best tools, you can use the critical insights confidently and boost the traffic coming to your website. 


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