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BNB100X: A High-Yield DApp for Crypto Investment Shaking Up The Binance Smart Chain


With the recent circumstances, it is safe to say that the crypto market might be going towards an extended bear market. Investors will need a haven for their funds and BNB100X is here for just that. The BNB100X is a high-yield farming dApp that is providing massive returns to investors. The BNB100X dApp is providing returns as high as 19% daily ROI. This way it is offering a way to build a steady income from their crypto.

Holders can choose to invest their BNB for 7 days to 30 days duration. The users can withdraw their BNB funds whenever they want. BNB100X has the highest returns on the BSC as of now. It is a high-yielding Defi farming protocol through which users can expect unparalleled returns.

Tech Audit USA, a leading smart contract auditing firm has done the smart contract audit for BNB100X and they have given the final approval. It is a renounced contract and the code is immutable, which means that it can not be changed or edited which makes it even more secure.

BNB100X is a trustless dApp through which users interact directly with the smart contract without needing an intermediary. It is out of the reach of the government or banks because it cannot be controlled by any major party.

A global app store for dApps, DappRadar has vetted and listed BNB100X. Through this listing, users can track the performance of the apps, which shows an impressive track record for the high-yield farming DApp.

BNB100X, Investors are guaranteed consistent returns doesn’t matter if it is a bear or bull market. Users who plan for long-term crypto holding can use BNB100X for riding out the market in a perfect way.

How To Use BNB100X:

It is a simple straightforward process. With a few simple steps, anybody can start investing their BNB and start making daily returns that are easily withdrawable at any point in time.

Create a Wallet:

Create a wallet with popular wallets like Metamask, TrustWallet, WalletConnect, or any other wallet that supports the BSC (Binance Smart Chain). Once it is opened, add the Binance Smart Chain to the network.

Transfer BNB and Connect to Wallet:

Then transfer the BNB to the wallet address. Users can use their existing BNB or buy BNB. After this, click “Connect +” at the top of the website.

Pick Investment Duration and Make a Deposit

After successfully connecting the wallet, pick the number of days to invest for, as well as the amount of BNB to invest. Click “Invest”. A window will open up to the wallet where you can confirm your deposit.

How Are Dividends Calculated?

The calculation of Dividends depends on the duration selected by the user. The lowest duration is seven days, which attracts a 119% return. These dividends are calculated and paid every second. Investors can either choose to wait for the duration of the investment or withdraw dividends anytime by clicking the “Withdraw” button. Those will be automatically transferred to your wallet.

Earn Crypto With BNB100X Referral

BNB100X also offers a referral system that pays up to 5% of the amount deposited from the referred wallet. This is a good way for investors to earn passive income as they get a percentage for each level of referrals. The more referrals, the more the earnings will be.

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