A Blockchain-based Nova Token Platform is Revolutionising Digital Trading Card Game

Blockchain technology is revolutionising many industries today. Initially, most of the innovations were limited to the financial industry. However, this is changing for two reasons; first, trust and transparency created by blockchain technology are much demanded features beyond finance. Second, the Ethereum Blockchain ecosystem allows the building of decentralized digital projects of all types.

At the moment, there is quite a bit of momentum for esports and digital cards in general. Platforms for digital games will gradually integrate blockchain technology.  This is where Nova Token Platform comes in. The members of the Nova Token team are highly skilled pioneers in this field and their intention is to merge Blockchain technology with card trading, tournament holding and gaming. Richard Garfield, a mathematics professor and a game designer who created the card games Magic, is one of the team’s key advisors.

Nova Token Platform,  a decentralized Ethereum-based Trading Card Game (TCG) platform,  allows players as well to trade and own all types of cards as to play games and take part in any tournaments. It is a key competitor in the TCG field as it supports esport, in-game integration and third-party developers.

With the Nova Token (“NVT”), players in online card games can own, trade and sell their cards. For game developers who integrate the Nova Token platform into their games, NVT will provide development, marketing, and user acquisition funds.

Nova Token Platform has many advantages.  The main advantage includes providing secure and quick games, trading and smart packs. In addition, the platform supports decentralized tournaments, therefore, protecting participants against cheating and fraud. Players can organize their tournaments while the platform framework deals with the security and match-reporting.

The Ethereum-based Card Exchange is one of the most exciting on the Nova Token Platform. In its 1st iteration, people can fill buy/sell orders, but by the 2nd iteration, bidding and auctioning will possible. The Nova Token Platform team, on their Exchange, promises high-level security, low fees and a robust transaction environment that enables all players to get more bang for their buck.

It is expected that many games will be integrated into the Nova Token Platform in the near future. Until now, the fully functional cross-platform game Nova Blitz is the focal point of the Nova Token Platform.  With over 300 featured cards and 10,000 registered users, Nova Blitz is the first game to integrate the Nova Token Platform. The game boasts many features like real-time gaming, simultaneous plays by opponents, and no waiting times.

The card gaming industry and esport are two of the most interesting spaces for applying blockchain technology. With its highly experienced development team, outstanding advisors and a fully functional game that is already live on Steam and in beta on Android and on iOS, the Nova Token Platform is a good example of this. Launched December 11th, the ICO is currently offering bonuses for new buyers.

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