Big Tech is starting to resume hiring. Here’s how you should prepare to land your next job

Despite major tech layoffs, the giants of Big Tech – think Google, Amazon, Apple, Meta, and Microsoft – are back in the hiring game. But let’s face it, with a sea of job applicants, cracking the code to scoring an interview and clinching that coveted job offer is no small feat.

So, how do you stand out in the Big Tech crowd? Let’s dive into FIVE savvy tips that could be your ticket to landing a role at these top tech companies.

5 Must-Do Tips to Prep for Big Tech Roles

Let’s get right to it:

Tip #1: Network like a Pro

Networking is golden advice in any job hunt, but in the realm of Big Tech, it becomes even more significant. Channel your efforts into nurturing existing connections and forging new relationships with individuals who can provide support in your job pursuit. And yes, even your buddies, family, and ex-colleagues should be clued into your job search efforts.

Here are three nifty tactics to up your networking game:

  • #1: Engage with Professionals in Your Target Role: While many job seekers focus their networking on recruiters and hiring managers, it’s equally important to engage with individuals in the role you’re aiming for. There are two compelling reasons for this approach. Firstly, these individuals have already navigated the interview process and secured a position at the organization you’re targeting. Secondly, successful networking conversations could lead to introductions to their supervisor, often the hiring manager. Remember, submitting your resume beyond the company’s job board is crucial since companies are invested in finding top talent.
  • #2: Join Niche Networking Groups: By joining such groups, you immerse yourself in a community with shared interests. Learning from fellow professionals, attending conferences and networking events, and even finding a mentor to guide your career path become possible.
  • #3: Develop a Personal Website: Depending on the tech sector you’re aspiring to enter, having a portfolio to showcase your work can be beneficial. For entry-level individuals, explore ways to build a portfolio that highlights your capabilities, including school projects or ongoing side projects.

Tip #2: Craft a Resume that Sets You Up for Success

The initial step toward securing a role in top tech firms involves optimizing your resume for the interview process. Your resume should aptly demonstrate the skills and experience required for the position you’re applying to. It should scream “I was made for this!”

For example, if you’re pursuing a software engineer role, emphasize your command of computer science, programming languages, and coding proficiency. Likewise, if you’re vying for a product manager position, emphasize your expertise in product strategy, market analysis, cross-functional collaboration, and successful product launches.

By tweaking your resume ahead of time, you’ll effortlessly spotlight your skills while weaving in any other nuggets of info that matter – like your education or work experiences.

Oh, and a neat trick: Incorporate keywords from the job description into your resume. Applicant tracking systems (ATS) scan applications and prioritize those closely aligned with the open position. Strategic use of keywords, program names, and tools in your resume can enhance your visibility to the ATS.

Tip #3: Familiarize Yourself with the Interview Process

Before you start interviewing, it’s crucial to be well-prepared. Different companies employ different types of interviews, so it’s important to be aware of the format you will encounter. For instance, certain companies may arrange one-on-one meetings with various individuals, while others might opt for group interviews or interview presentations. There’s also the possibility of a phone or video interview.

Dedicate hours, if not days, to researching the company from multiple sources. Before your first interview, analyze the company’s requirements, compile a comprehensive list of your skills and qualifications, and compare recent job postings to identify ideal matches. 

Tap into your network to connect with current and former employees, read recent news releases, explore platforms like Reddit, Blind, and Glassdoor for insights into the interview process, and devote time to online research.

It’s entirely acceptable to ask the recruiter or HR contact about the interview structure beforehand. Once you’re aware of it, dedicating time to familiarize yourself with this approach can significantly impact your performance

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Tip #4: Be Sure Why You’re Interested in that Specific Company and Role

You’ll probably be asked why you’re keen on this specific position and company (if you can’t answer, you might not be ready for the interview!) Therefore, ensure you have a clear response by pinpointing a few crucial aspects of the job and organization that harmonize with your strengths, interests, work style, and generate enthusiasm for the role. Research their work culture, vision, and mission—and highlight how it aligns with your ambitions and passions, which makes you believe you’re likely to succeed there.

Even if you’re not explicitly questioned about this, you can integrate this understanding into your responses to other inquiries.

Tip #5: Seek Constructive Feedback and Guidance

Mock interviews and practice sessions enhance your response strategy for specific questions. Mock interviewers can pinpoint strengths, outline weaknesses, and suggest improvements. For example, a mock interviewer can advise you on areas such as shortening answers, speaking with clarity, maintaining appropriate posture, and keeping a positive attitude overall. 

They can also help you review and incorporate examples/experiences from your past which highlight your suitability for the target role effectively. There are plenty of interview preparation platforms,  like Prepfully, for instance, where you can find professionals from your target role and company who can practice interviews with you. 

To wrap it up:

Securing a position at esteemed global tech companies may seem daunting, but strategic preparation and insights can bolster your chances of securing an interview. Familiarity with company preferences enables you to tailor your resume effectively. From networking and researching to preparing your resume for success and practicing thoroughly, make sure you’re ready for what lies ahead!

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