BIG In Name, Big On Ambition: Why Big Eyes Coin Is Bound To Supersede Uniswap And Flow?

Uniswap (UNI): An Effective Automated Market Maker

  • Rank: 17th
  • Capitalization: $5.19 billion
  • Price: $5.2
  • Volume: $64.7 million

Even an individual with a cursory knowledge of cryptocurrency will know that each token is different. For example, Uniswap is a mainstream trading platform recognized for the automated exchange of decentralized finance tokens. Uniswap is known as an automated market maker. Although it was released in 2018, Uniswap’s popularity has grown recently owing to an uptick in cryptocurrency trading and the ascension of DeFi. The makers of Uniswap intend to maintain the automated nature of trading and ensure its transparency. Uniswap will enhance trading efficiency relative to conventional exchanges. In addition, the team behind Uniswap introduced a governance token in 2020 called UNI. The token would grant greater control to users and add profitability to the platform.

Uniswap is the brainchild of Hayden Adams, an Ethereum developer. The initial idea was to take the automated market makers on Ethereum and make them available en masse. Adams’ work is heavily influenced by Vitalik Buterin, one of Ethereum’s co-creators. Uniswap was originally called Unipeg before Buterin changed its name to Uniswap. Adams read one of Buterin’s blog posts and then his vision came into focus. Uniswap’s purpose is the provision of liquidity for the decentralized finance ecosystem. The project is one of the foremost automated market makers in the industry and employs an X + Y = K formula.

Flow (FLOW): A Fast Foundational Blockchain

  • Rank: 36th
  • Capitalization: $1.51 billion
  • Price: $1.11
  • Volume: $26.6 million

Flow is a streamlined, user-friendly, and decentralized project. Flow was established as the basis for the new generation of applications, games, and more. The platform is a layer one entity introduced by the same team that brought NBA Top Shot, Dapper Wallet, and CryptoKitties to the fore.

There are several reasons why Flow is destined for success. The project either provides or improves existing solutions, like its multi-role architecture. Flow boasts a unique design that enables the network to facilitate millions of users without sharding. Flow provides developer ergonomics such as the Flow Emulator and ungradable smart contracts, ideal for users aspiring to add value to the community.

Flow caters to the masses, and its payments onboarding allows a secure and seamless path from fiat currencies to cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, the smart contracts on Flow are composed in Cadence, which is considered an easy-to-comprehend programming language for digital assets. Finally, Flow was developed at Dapper Labs in 2018, which has previously launched the projects we mentioned earlier. Dapper Labs are focused on offering new digital engagement alternatives to users.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG): Banking On Big Ambition

Uniswap and Flow are feasible benchmarks for emerging tokens. Both platforms are well-positioned and provide viable services. A new token that offers a different solution is Big Eyes Coin (BIG). A community token by definition, BIG is centered on the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. DeFi’s surge in recent years bodes well for Big Eyes Coin’s chances of success. In addition, BIG will apportion a predetermined percentage of each transaction and use it for the betterment of the oceans.


Big Eyes Coin’s token distribution is called “Cuteomics,” and its details are as follows:

  1. Total: 200 billion tokens
  2. Presale: 140 billion tokens
  3. Exchanges: 40 billion tokens
  4. Charity: 10 billion tokens
  5. Marketing: 10 billion tokens

How to Buy

Purchasing BIG tokens is simple: download MetaMask on your device, and you’ll gain access to Big Eyes Coin. You may buy BIG tokens by card or through ETH. Use exclusive code SUSHI554 when purchasing from the presale for BIG discounts!

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