Big Eyes Emerges As The Best Alternative To Tamadoge Presale And Could Even Be Better. 

Purchasing presale tokens is one of the smartest investment decisions you can make in the crypto market. However, ensure you consider the prospect of whichever project you wish to purchase on presale. Double–check the project’s validity and security to ensure it’s not a scam, and consider experts’ opinions on its profitability potential. 

Different presale tokens have been on the market since the beginning of the year, but Tamadoge (TAMA) and Big Eyes (BIG) have gathered the most attention and buzz. Tamadoge is no longer on presale after an impressive run that raised over $19m. Top market players believe Tamadoge (Tama)  presale miss shouldn’t cause much despair, as Big Eyes (BIG) could adequately compensate for the miss. 

Tamadoge (TAMA) The Newest Doge on the Block 

Tamadoge is the “newest Doge on the block,” according to the meme coin’s official website. It is another dog-theme meme token, but with well-defined utility and use cases.  The meme coin aims to establish itself as a household name in the play-to-earn space of the coin market by providing NFT games players can leverage for passive income. Tamadoge’s utility token is TAMA.

The crypto asset helps users securely access the Tamaverse – The virtual space for breeding, minting, and battling your Tamadoge pet on the ecosystem. The team project developers are aware of the constant change in the crypto market dynamics. Hence, they’re committed to implementing new features (like augmented reality experiences) that will keep Tamadoge relevant and valuable for years. 

Tamadoge is a fully audited crypto asset. It’s verified by Coinsniper and found to be anti-rug, and also by solid proof, which shows the blockchain security has no weakness. News predicting Tamadoge’s great run would be received with disappointment from those that missed out on its presale, but you can turn to Big Eyes (BIG) for optimism and positivity. 

Big Eyes (BIG) The New Meme Coin

Big Eyes is the new ‘cute cat’ in the market, and its attractiveness has attracted lots of attention and adoption. It is equally a meme coin, like Tamadoge. However, they have different use cases and functionality. Big Eyes is concerned about developing the decentralized finance ecosystem while ensuring early community members and users on the platform can access it and harness its benefits. 

Big Eyes has gained a fair amount of market prominence due to the activities of its developers and community support. Community backing is essential to the success of any project, and Big Eyes developers have ensured this through numerous incentives and reward mechanisms to motivate more activeness and support. One such initiative is an ongoing $250k competition where 10 people will get rewarded with $25k each. 

Big Eyes’ increasing prominence reflects in its presale run. It has gathered over $2.74 million thus far, with about two more presale stages to go. The meme coin is billed for a 25% increase in presale token price once its second presale finishes. Now could be your best time to purchase Big Eyes (BIG) at presale to avoid buying it for more and to enjoy its anticipated price surge.

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