Big Eyes Coin, EOS, and Tron’s Smart Contract Functionality — Similarities and Differences 

Blockchain technology has significantly developed thanks to smart contracts. Smart contracts self-execute and expedite the execution of the terms of an agreement of transactions in the crypto. In turn, this eliminates the need for intermediaries and thereafter reduces the risk of errors. 

Smart contracts provide investors with absolute transparency, which means all parties have equal access to information. Let’s look at your favorite cryptos, Big Eyes Coin, EOS, and Tron, and see how they’re making your assets secure and your transactions efficient.

Big Eyes Coin, EOS, and Tron’s Smart Contract Functionality: Their Similarities

Big Eyes Coin is a blockchain project that uses the Ethereum network to host its smart contracts. Ethereum is known for its robust smart contract functionality, enabling developers to build intricate decentralized applications (dApps) that automatically complete projects without relying on intermediaries.

In contrast, the blockchain platform EOS seeks to provide dApps with a decentralized operating system. The active producers who will be permitted to sign legitimate blocks in the network are chosen using a delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) consensus method. EOS also uses extensive smart contract capabilities that allow programmers to design intricate dApps.

A decentralized entertainment environment is what Tron, a blockchain-based platform, promises to offer. It gives developers excellent scalability and uses a DPoS consensus method, just like EOS. The highly powerful smart contract feature of Tron enables developers to create a variety of dApps, from straightforward games to intricate financial applications.

In terms of functionality, Big Eyes Coin, EOS, and Tron enable the development of decentralized apps (dApps) via smart contracts. It allows for the automation and execution of code to enforce the policies of decentralized applications.

Big Eyes Coin, EOS, and Tron’s Smart Contract Functionality: Their Differences

Big Eyes Coin, EOS, and Tron’s smart contract feature share certain similarities, but some key distinctions need to be addressed.

Big Eyes Coin has wide access to various tools and resources available on the Ethereum network. However, this means that their smart contract functionality is limited to a few things (e.g. scalability) that are available in the Ethereum network. Nevertheless, it focuses on DeFi applications, which means it gives users more control over their money. After all, the essence of smart contracts is to ensure blockchain’s security by eliminating third-party and thus giving its community absolute control.

EOS and Tron are designed to be more flexible than Big Eyes Coin, which is primarily focused on DeFi applications. Additionally, the programming languages they used for smart contract development may differ, which can affect the development process and the capabilities of the resulting dApps.

Developers who seek to create highly scalable dApps will find EOS and Tron to be good alternatives. It offers a highly scalable network that can manage several transactions per second. In turn, it streamlines the transaction and a smart contract’s general functionality.


Big Eyes Coin, Tron, and EOS all have sophisticated smart contract capabilities. However, they mostly differ in terms of decentralization and scalability. As an investor, pick a cryptocurrency that offers the best product with great functionality to its community.

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