Best 12 String Guitar Tuning App: Know the Best Tuning Application in 2024!


Ever got yourself in a situation where you have your guitar, but not a single tuner around? 

Probably, the answer’s a yes, as this is not just your concern, but almost all guitarists’ concerns!

Well, everyone cannot tune the guitar by ear. 

Fortunately, there are a few mobile apps that can solve this problem. These apps can use the microphone built into your phone to efficiently detect the note you’re playing and aid you in tuning your guitar. 

So, here in this blog, I’ll let you know some of the best 12-string guitar tuning apps that’ll simplify your tuning process. Say goodbyes to the traditional tuning methods. 

Without further ado, let’s binge on till the end of the blog. 

Best 12-String Guitar Tuning Apps You Can Try On Smartphone

In this section, I’ve listed a few top-rated 12-string guitar tuning applications that’ll elevate your tuning experience. So, make sure to skim through the end of the section. 

  1. GuitarTuna (Yousician)

This is one of the most accurate tuners loaded with striking features to aid new learners learn quite some songs. 

The tuner part of your application is a bit different compared to other tuner applications. And as you go on playing the note, the app’s needle moves and indicates whether you’re on tune or not. 

That’s not all; the guitar’s headstock even lets you know which of the guitar strings are tuned and which aren’t! Plus, on the application’s learning side, you’ll find many useful functions and features like chord diagrams and helpful sequences of the chord. 

These can help you to be a better guitarist and get insights into how you can scale your guitar-playing skills. You’ll even find a massive song library with all the necessary chords to pull off those songs. 

The tuning section itself is quite remarkable. You can’t ignore the learning opportunities this application brings to the table. So, in my opinion, this tuning app should be on your download list. 

Download Links

For Android
For iOS 

Why You Should Get the App?

  • Easy to understand and read
  • Helpful learning options
  • Striking tuner 
  • You can play with the songs

Reasons for Not Choosing the Application

  • Quite expensive compared to other applications
  1. Boss Tuner

The Boss Tuner is one of the most recognized tuners in the App Store or Play Store, with millions of downloads. 

This tuner application is smooth and accurate, although there can be times when you may need to play the strings a few times to get the right tune. 

Plus, the tuner might not perform as the premium ones, but still, as a free app, it’s quite remarkable. Now, if I dive into the overall settings, you can easily change the app’s reference pitch depending on the needs. 

One of the aesthetic sides of this application is that the interface is more like the Waza Craft version. However, the only drawback that comes with this application is its news notification icon. 

It gives you all the recent and new notifications regarding Boss- quite good if you’re interested, but not a good option if you aren’t interested. 

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for a free guitar tuning application, then Boss Tuner can be a great option for you. 

Download Links

For Android
For iOS

Why You Should Get the App?

  • Quite a familiar look and an easy interface
  • All the options and functions work well

Reasons for Not Choosing the Application

  • The notification icon can be a bit annoying at times
  1. Simply Tune

When it comes to aiming pros and beginners, Simply Tune is one of the striking guitar tuning applications you can try. The overall tuning interface is quite remarkable- it’s simple and comes with precise and accurate tuning. 

You’ll get separate tuning options for electric and acoustic guitars, along with 12-string guitar, bass, and ukulele. There are tunings for drop D and DADGAD as well. If you are into different and open tunings, the app might be a great pick. 

The app is not just a striking tuner, but it even comes with astounding learning features. Plus, there are tons of chord diagrams to aid you with proper grips and let you know the basics of your guitar playing. 

You’ll even find different lessons that “actually” listen to the chords you play and you an overall progression sense. This way, you can understand, whether, you’re improving or not. 

Overall, the application is quite remarkable and is also pretty much accurate with tons of features to make use of to learn and enjoy your guitar-playing sessions.

Download Links

Only available for iOS

Why You Should Get the App?

  • You’ll get your progression scale and level
  • Comes with chord diagrams
  • No advertisements
  • It has various guitar tuning options

Reasons for Not Choosing the Application

  • Only comes with the availability for iOS users
  1. Tuner Pro

This application is another top-rated 12-string guitar tuning app you should give a try! The app is super easy and accurate as it comes with a needle right at the top that allows you to know whether you’re sharp or flat. 

Plus, it comes with a manual mode that lets you tune by ear and even has different modes to get your bass and ukulele tuned. This application also has a metronome, an ideal option practice option for guitars. 

With this option, you can switch between time signatures, tempo changes, sub-divisions, and more. 

Tuner Pro even lets you reduce the volume of specific instruments so that even without your guitar in, you can still get the backing track.  

Download Links

For Android

For iOS

An Ideal Pick? 

These mentioned 12-string guitar tuning apps are considered one of the best to date. No matter which one you choose, you will surely be benefiting nevertheless. However, it all depends on your needs and how you want these tuning apps to operate. 

Although all these apps are great, Guitar Tuna is one of my favorites as it’s easy to understand and comes with helpful learning options. The price might be a drawback when compared to other apps, but overall, it’s a great app to get your 12-string guitar tuned in time!


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