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Become the next Crypto Millionaire: Genshin Shib Inu and Angry Squid vs HUH Token

Meme coins continue to rule the crypto markets, with many seeing massive price increases even as Bitcoin and Ethereum struggle. Genshin Shiba Inu and Angry Squid have gained by over 300,000% in the last week, generating several new crypto millionaires. 

However, the excitement of these meme coins has now passed and the biggest gains have arguably already been made. As seen with Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, these meme coins can crash after peaking and both Dogecoin and Shiba Inu have lost over 50% of their value since their peak. But fortunately, there is a new meme coin that is about to launch, which offers a great opportunity for holders to potentially make millions. It’s called HUH Token and its presale is about to end in just a few days before its launch on 6 December.

Before understanding why HUH Token could potentially make you millions let’s look at how GenShibInu and Angry Squid did it and what lessons we can learn.

Genshin Shiba Inu is a spin on the popular Shiba Inu token, as the name suggests. It has witnessed enormous price gains in the last week (over 397%) but they have also had a swath of complaints from holders.

On their website, they state:

“Genshin Shiba Inu will be your guardian and tour guide throughout this journey, protect and grow your investment with our advanced AI rebase protocol while earning passive income in $SHIB”

Based on current market conditions, the AI rebase protocol calculates the most feasible supply for GSHIB. When it comes to staking your tokens and collecting $SHIB incentives, the longer you keep GSHIB, the more rewards you’ll receive. But users have complained that their tokens have vanished from their wallets, according to postings on Twitter. Furthermore, several users claim that the number of tokens in their wallets fluctuates.

Unfortunately, I was unable to locate an audit of the GSHIB smart contract, so I would advise investors to conduct their own due diligence before purchasing GSHIB. The creators might possibly shift everyone’s funds in and out of their wallets without a third-party audit of the smart contract. Overall, despite the amazing price gain, I would not purchase this coin.

Meanwhile, Angry Squid is based on the popular Netflix show Squid Game, as the name suggests. The following is taken from their official website: “One of its characteristics is that it allows you to earn enough money outside of work, which is something that everyone appreciates. Angry SQUID has a lot of benefits and is ready to take on the world. Join Angry Squid and earn a lot of money!”

Angry Squid’s developers say that they’re working on an NFT collection, which will be followed by a game. The fact that Angry Squid’s bullish momentum landed it on Coinmarketcap’s top 10 gainers every day this week is one of the key reasons for its price increase.

Furthermore, visiting Angry Squid’s Twitter page, which is referenced on Coinmarketcap, reveals that the official account of Angry Squid has been suspended. As shown above, these coins aren’t doing a good job of creating investor confidence and investors should exercise great caution before buying them. In fact, the only reason these coins have seen such huge gains is simply because of popularity and exposure.

The most important lesson to be learnt from the story of these two meme coins is that if you get in early you can make a lot of money, especially if the coin becomes popular. This is why HUH Token is an infinitely better alternative to GenShibInu and Angry Squid. To start, HUH Token has been audited by Shellbox and Solidity Finance, with the Certik audit anticipated to be completed by the end of this week. These are reputable auditing companies and therefore holders can be sure that HUH Token is legitimate.

HUH Token will be launching on PancakeSwap and Uniswap, two popular cryptocurrency exchanges, although you can buy HUH Tokens now during their presale via their website if you want to get in early.  HUH Token’s founders say $1 million in liquidity will be locked in for two years when the token launches, which should help stabilise HUH Token’s value over the long term and prevent the huge losses that Dogecoin and Shiba Inu saw after their peaks, making this token even more enticing.

HUH Token is also introducing a referral scheme where holders will be rewarded with a 10% commission on the first investment of the people they refer. You can refer as many people as you like and the commission gets paid out in Binance Coin (BNB) or Ethereum (ETH), depending on which exchange you use.

However, as previously stated, the most important part of the success stories of meme coins like Genshin Shiba Inu and Angry Squid was their popularity and exposure. HUH, Token is rumoured to have thousands of top social media influencers backing it, who will help propel the popularity of this token.

With all of these great features and the social media backing that HUH Token has, it’s easy to see how this token could do so much better than the likes of GenshinShibInu and Angry Squid.

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