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Avalanche Surges Past Dogecoin And Shiba Inu After Huge Gains – Can Newcomer HUH Token Replicate Its Success?

Avalanche’s Avax token has been performing exceptionally well this month, spurred by development deals and overall confidence about the network’s decentralised financial potential. It is now competing with Dogecoin for a place in the top ten most cryptocurrencies globally. 

A newcomer called HUH Token is keen on emulating Avax’s success as it prepares to launch on 6 December. With its pre-sale ending soon, could this be the perfect time to get in on the next crypto millionaire maker?

Avax has posted a 100% gain this month, with its total market cap increasing to over $29.8 billion, whereas Dogecoin lost over 11% over the past month and posted a market cap of around $29.5 billion, according to CoinMarketCap.

Avax has gained 37% in the last seven days, while the rest of the top ten cryptocurrencies have fallen. Its collaboration with Deloitte, one of the “Big Four” accounting firms and the world’s largest professional services network, was crucial in AVAX’s ascension to the top 10.

Ava Labs, the developer of Avalanche, announced a partnership with Deloitte last Tuesday to help streamline reimbursement applications for victims of natural catastrophes.

The new platform provides state and local governments with a decentralised, low-cost, and fully immutable system that empowers both grant funders and aid beneficiaries while leveraging blockchain’s transparency to reduce fraud, waste, and abuse, according to Ava Labs

The important lesson to learn from Avax’s recent success is the advantage of getting into these opportunities as early as possible. If an investor had put $100 into Avax at its launch, they would have made an incredible $26,000. HUH Token is now giving investors a perfect opportunity to get in early, with its pre-sale ending in just a few days.

HUH Token is launching on PancakeSwap and Uniswap on 6 December. Its creators have announced that $1 million of liquidity will be locked in for two years from its launch in an effort to make the token more stable and entice investors.

In an attempt to amplify this sentiment, HUH Token is deploying a referral programme. Referring another person to HUH Token using a unique code will result in a 10% commission of that person’s initial investment as Binance (BNB). Furthermore, holders of this code can continue to earn BNB with each new referral indefinitely.

HUH Token is also rumoured to have thousands of top social media influencers signed on to promote, knowing the importance of how communities have driven most of the meme cryptocurrencies that have rocketed to the top spots on the crypto charts.

HUH Token’s founders appear adamant about emulating Dogecoin and Avalanche’s tremendous success, with now being the best time to get in on this crypto from the ground up.

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