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After a Successful 2022, JB Carriers CEO Sets Sights to a Greater Year Ahead


NEW YORK, NY – After an eventful 2022, that was not without its challenges, logistics start-up JB Carriers is setting its sight to a greater year ahead, according to its young chief executive officer who started the company two years ago.

“There were so many events that have occurred over the year and I’m just thankful for the success of my young company,” said Jovid Bekov. According to Bekov, his trucking company has retained its clientele with many of them in the Northeast territories.

In the past year, JB Carriers has worked with some of the world’s largest retailers and suppliers, delivering essential goods to entities that distribute them to the public. With JB Carriers Protein-power your job by joining JBS. As the transportation arm of the world’s leading meat processor, our truck drivers help feed America and enjoy the strength that comes with it.

“There were challenges in the supply chain early in the year,” Bekov said. Noting that many industries, including those metals and mining, chemicals, automotives, semiconductors and technology have been affected by it, citing a JP Morgan outlook.

But according to the entrepreneur, his company has done a lot of work across the States, and demand either remains the same or is in an upward trajectory. The two trucks JB Carriers have on leased have clocked in thousands of miles. The CEO has been dedicated in building relationship with clients.

“I come to New York every so often to relax and touch base with friends,” Bekov said, but more than 90% of the time, just like his employees, he’s on the road. It’s during these business trips where he meets with various leaders in the logistics community to not only score new clients but also to get a feel of where the industry is headed.

The world of logistics, like all industries waking up from the pandemic is trying to meet the demand that has picked up since COVID restrictions were dropped and it has shifted patterns, processes, and priorities for business leaders like Bekov.

“The changes is huge but there’s a lot of opportunities and that’s why I’m focusing on,” he said.

An optimist at heart, Bekov sees the silver lining in his circumstances and one of the things he’s focusing on isleveraging his social media presence to generate awareness for his enterprise.

On top of running a successful business, Bekov also maintains a personal brand, thank in many ways to his work as a model and actor. He uses his platform to advocate for causes he believed in.

A “Supporting Gaza Emergency Appeal,” has been on his Instagram profile for the past year, which is an initiative that aims to assist the people of Gaza by delivering much needed food and medical aid to its war-exhausted residents.

The appeal has raised $315,000 thus far.

“As I continue to succeed, and even before I had a business, I’ve always wanted to do something to give back and do good,” Bekov said.

And by the looks of it, he’s right on track.


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