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Advantages of Installing Solid Timber Flooring

In the 21st century, the importance of aesthetics and comfort has risen more than ever. Also, there have been several advancements in recent times. So to keep up with the recent trends and luxuries, the renovation industry has seen considerable applications for home and office spaces.

During renovations, the decision about the type of flooring says a lot about the appeal factor of the space. The preference for solid timber flooring has increased owing to the functional and style aspects.

Benefits of Timber Flooring

Apart from aesthetics, there are many advantages of installing solid timber flooring. Timber flooring is known for its modern appeal and low maintenance aspects. Discussed below are the advantages of timber wood flooring.

1.    Comparatively Durable and Restorable

Hard timber wood flooring is known for its strength and durable aspects. The flooring lasts anywhere between 60 years to 100 years if properly installed. It has great load-bearing aspects.

Even in case, they get scratched or are exposed to spills, sanders can be used to restore them. They get repaired to be as good as new. Once the timber has reached its lifespan, it can be repurposed and restored.

2.    Hypo-allergenic and Sustainable

The timber wood for flooring is harvested while ensuring that the trees are replanted in forests. Also, its production methods use minimal energy and waste.

For homes with sensitive members such as pets or small babies, timber wood is the best option for flooring. It has hypo-allergenic properties since it does not gather dust or air-borne particulates. As a result, the air quality of the space stays good making it an ideal choice for people suffering from allergies.

3.    Better Insulation and Good Investment

The timber wood appearance has a classic appeal that makes the space even more valuable than it is. So, if you are planning to increase the resale value, timber wood is your choice. Also, it might decrease the duration to find a customer. Further, timber wood is known to have air pockets which insulate the space against the extreme temperatures of the weather.

During summer, the flooring protects from outside heat. In winter, it traps heat and balances the outer temperature preventing the floor from being cold. It allows you to walk comfortably around the house, barefoot, all year round.


The modern, stylish timber wood is an excellent choice for flooring. The flooring is known to have better durability and longevity. They are available in many textures and sizes. The hardwood is low maintenance and has great functional aspects. The flooring is a great choice if you’ve recently purchased a space and are looking to put it out for resale at a greater value.

Timber wood is an ideal choice for investment and is also hypoallergenic. Hence, it works well for homes with babies and pets. Also, the wood has the advantage of being easily restorable. It makes the wood a great choice for any home or office space. Choose the flooring type carefully after evaluating the purpose of renovation and the functional aspects of the space.

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