Acomobase: The Uber Of Hospitality For The Blockchain Era.

The aim of blockchain technology in the travel and hospitality industry is to eliminate third-party costs and encourage direct provider to consumer interaction.

     New technologies and innovations are now challenging and exposing the major drawbacks and frictions of the current outdated travel and hospitality business model which is more than a decade old and is being burdened unnecessarily with avoidable non-transparent fees, expensive long payment processes and lack of personalization.

Blockchain is a public ledger that consists of all the cryptocurrency transactions that have ever been executed. It is constantly growing , by the meaning that successfully completed blocks are added to the ledger with very new set of recordings. These blocks are added to the blockchain in a linear or chronological order. Each and every node gets a copy of the current blockchain, which is then transferred automatically into the blockchain network. What’s more, the block validation system ensures that no one can tamper with the records. Rather, old transactions are preserved forever and new transactions are added to the ledger irreversibly. The aim of blockchain technology in the travel and hospitality industry is to eliminate third-party costs and encourage  direct provider to consumer interaction.

Acomobase is the first decentralized accommodation marketplace using blockchain technology and artificial intelligence powered by smart contracts, in order to enable seamless and personalized travel with particular focus on mobile devices. Acomobase radically improves the efficiency of accommodation by creating a new token – the ACO – that can be exchanged between hosts and users eliminating all middlemen. They focus on open ended coupled innovation and a cooperative approach with incumbents balancing sustaining innovation with the new radical innovation of decentralized systems to reduce transactions cost, improve record keeping and transactional traceability.

     Furthermore, Acomobase  is developing a proprietary model of demand aggregation that relies on transparency and trust. Promoting in parallel the disintermediation and redistribution of value to hosts and users by bypassing traditional value chains through technology and partnerships harnessing the unique penetration and capabilities of mobile devices.

Acomobase is incorporated in the Republic of Cyprus. The presale, crowdsale and the corresponding token creation process will be organised on smart contracts running on Ethereum. The pre-ICO of the ACO token started  December, 2017 and will end January 2018.

The ΑCO pre-ICO/ICO is not available to residents of the United States nor any county where laws or restrictions are in conflict with the financial security or regulatory compliance rules.

   Acomobase was founded by Alketas  Malioukis  and they have a solid team with a big experience in the industry. With the help of strong advisors and your support they aim to build a game-changing product.      

For more information, and participation in their Pre-Sale and ICO today kindly visit: or send an email to:

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