Acomobase: Adding Travel Industry to the Endless List of Blockchain Use Cases.

Since the invention of bitcoin, the first permanent, decentralized, global, trustless ledger of records, entrepreneurs in industries around the world have come to understand its implications. The very nature of blockchain has got imaginations running wild. In addition to putting the full power of cryptography in people’s hands, blockchain can be used in almost every transaction where trust is needed.

Moodys has identified over 100 blockchain use cases. Among them are international payments, capital markets, trade finance, regulatory compliance, supply chain management, healthcare, real estate, record management, identity management and voting.

Acomobase™ has just added one more use to the growing list of use cases- and this is an innovation that will transform the accommodation industry in an unprecedented way.

Why Acomobase is a Game Changer

Since the adoption of web technologies which revolutionized the travel industry, nothing much has changed especially in terms of user experience and the booking process. The industry is currently characterized by high middlemen fees and an expensive, long payment process. Consequently, the end consumer pays up to 30% in costs that can otherwise be avoided.

In response to these problems bedeviling the industry, Acomobase intends to use blockchain to facilitate seamless and personalized travel anywhere in the world. The platform uses a decentralized model to improve transactional traceability while at the same time reducing costs of transactions. To achieve this, Acomobase is focusing on the following:-

  • A proprietary model of demand aggregation
  • Enhanced trust and transparency
  • Decreased possibility of fraud in transactions
  • Data monetization
  • Application of mobile technologies
  • Disintermediation by bypassing the traditional value chains through the application of technology

What is the Value of Acomobase in the Market?

With the new technology challenging and exposing major drawbacks in the travel and hospitality business model, Acomobase presents a valuable solution. Travel and accommodation companies are spending significant resources in safeguarding vast amounts of duplicated personal data. Consumers are also enduring painful credit monitoring on their profiles, due to hacking. Similarly, Merchants are spending lots of money to guard against hackers. Acomobase we will enable hosts and users to participate in a trustful decentralized economy in an effective and economical way.

How Does Acomobse work?

Acomobase works by connecting users and merchants through smart contract tokens. It will use both blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to enable seamless and personalized travel with a focus on mobile technology.

Investing in Acomobase

You can invest in Acomobase and be part of the solution while still standing a chance to reap big. Currently, the ICO is in the fourth round with just two days to go.

Important Details of Acomobase Token

Symbol: ACO

Total amount: 350M

Type: ERC20

Sales total: E35M

Token price: 0,10$

ACO token will be listen in all Major Global Crypto Currency Exchanges

The Pre-Sale began in December 2017 and Crowdsale starts in February 2018. In March 2018, the listing of the ACO token in major global exchanges will commence. The Beta launch is scheduled for June 2018 with the main launch happening in September, 2018.

For more details, follow this link.

You can also Click here to read the white paper.

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