A Review of Setcoin Cryotcurrency

Picture this: You have a wedding coming up in the family and you want to look good. Yet, you know what a good do over will cost you at the salon. You ask your friends but what they refer is still too expensive and you do not have the time to go around the city, looking for a good salon that falls in your budget.

Perhaps you have had a bad experience with your internet provider and their lack of professionalism has costed you a loss in business. You intend to sue, but you do not know of a lawyer who will not rip you off too.

Sound familiar? We all go through these situations in our life and find ourselves in a quagmire. Inserviss has the perfect solution. A platform that allows service providers like lawyers, salon owners, doctors and nurses to advertise, run promotional campaigns and offer discounts, Inserviss is one service you want be registered with.

The rating and review system on the platform gives you confidence that the people you are engaging in work have good reputations and will cost less.

The Inserviss platform is a reputed website that is making big waves in the personal service industry scene and with big names as their partners, such as Ad Networks, a professional blockchain consultancy; and LitsLink, a custom software development house, it has big backings.


The Inserviss platform is utilizing blockchain technology so that you can connect securely and directly with your potential service provider without a middleman meddling around. Both parties can set up an appointment and charges from the comfort of your chairs.


SetCoin fuels the blockchain environment of Inserviss. A coin that uses one of the most advanced protocols, the payment done is instant, secure and extremely easy. Planned as the only payment method on the platform in the future, the developers have adopted a system called the Red Belly Blockchain Consensus, which ensures that no matter how much the load on the blockchain, payments can be done in seconds. The protocol is one of the fastest in the world and makes the VISA speed look like a turle’s.

The Setcon will be available in its initial coin offering from February 2018 through Waves digital exchange. The people at Inserviss have placed a very affordable price, going at 5 SET to 1 USD. Grab it soon as the coin will become the only way to pay for services when it is launched and the price will surely jump in the coming days.

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