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8 Ways to Make Money as a Digital Nomad

There are various options available to digital nomads since there are many jobs that can be performed remotely, no matter the location. While it is commonly implied that the majority of remote workers work in the IT sector, the truth is that anyone resourceful and tech-savvy can become a digital nomad.

Here are some of the ideas.

1. Selling an Online Course

eLearning and mLearning are on the rise, and so are the platforms offering them. If you are skilled at anything — be it a profession or a hobby — you can take your time devising an online course to help others learn more.

There are two ways to go about it:

  • Offer online courses on your website
  • Offer online courses on eLearning websites

The first option is more difficult, especially when you’re just starting out as you’ll need to establish your brand (or yourself) as an expert in the field first. The second option is easier and more beneficial unless you’re offering online courses as part of a wider offer.

2. Online Teaching

Another similar calling is — online teaching. Many schools, especially language schools, are hiring experts from around the globe. The eLearning market is huge but is still coping to meet global demand, especially for custom eLearning.

E.g., ESL teachers are in high demand in Southeast Asia.

Other teachers also stand good chances of finding a steady job, seeing as almost every field has its target market. eLearning and mLearning are a rapidly rising trend, after all, so if you’re a teacher, look up online offers.

3. Being a Remote Manager

With the rise of the gig economy, many traditional managers are at a loss, being unskilled in managing remote teams. The calling implies familiarity with modern apps and tools, which is something every serious digital nomad is versed in.

Good remote team leaders are difficult to find, so if you have some experience managing people and resources, now is the time to shine in a remote job environment.

4. Online Marketing and Sales

Online marketing is all the rage these days and how can it not be when everyone is looking for everything online? Any brand that means business, large or small, is turning towards online advertising.

That is to say, skilled online marketers are in high demand. Even if you’re unfamiliar with the niche, you can easily become an expert. Starting with Google, all big players are offering education and certification.

5. Customer Representatives and Technical Support Representatives

It has been somewhat of a trend to outsource customer — and technical representatives to save funds. Nearly every big brand follows this routine, meaning that people from anywhere can get a job, especially since the digital transformation.

Seeing as customer representatives don’t have to be experts — the only prerequisites are that they are polite, literate and familiar with the offer (training is provided by the company), even if you can’t find a better job, you can give this one a go while looking for something else.

6. IT Professionals

Finally, the famed IT professionals are perfect candidates for remote work. Job opportunities are abundant for juniors and experts alike and the demand is not going to dwindle… ever.

Skilled IT professionals have a wide variety of choices and can expect good salaries no matter where they are. These people are lifelong learners and are not likely to be neglectful of familiarizing themselves with the developments in the field.

Hardware and software experts, designers, QA personnel… the list of jobs is long and getting ever longer.

7. SEO Specialists

Last but not least, SEO experts have become invaluable. With all businesses coping to boost their online presence amidst the growing competition, SEO experts can make large profits while travelling the world.

Similar to online marketing and sales, SEO education is also widely available. However, there’s one thing to keep in mind if you decide to choose this field of expertise — Google is changing the rules of the game as it sees fit, meaning that regular website audits will always be in demand.

8. Data Entry Jobs

Let’s mention one type of job that doesn’t require any special skills or diplomas — data entry jobs. These jobs are, as a rule, paid at lower rates, but they’re still a good option when you need more money. The only prerequisite is that you type fast and speak the language, which are the conditions met by the majority of people.


There is a fair number of callings digital nomads can perform successfully, of which we’ve mentioned only the most popular ones. Basically, anyone with a good idea can make a website and start earning from it.

Keep in mind that successful remote work calls for continual learning. If you’re not ready to keep up with the developments, stick to online courses and support.

Lastly, keep in touch with the local ex-pat community; there is always some business cooperation taking place. Networking is as important to digital nomads as it is to business people, after all.

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