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8 Top Tips for Watching Esports

Professional esports has never been more popular. In 2021, total audience numbers surpassed 470 million. This represents a 40 million increase in 2020’s figures. Live esports attendance is also on the rise. Live attendance is often considered the best way to follow the action by die-hard esports enthusiasts but isn’t a readily available option for everyone.

If you’re looking to watch CSGO live or follow the action of a Grand Slam final, you’ll be glad to know there are plenty of ways to avoid pricey admission costs and sold-out situations. Read on for our essential tips for watching esports online.

1. Find a Game to Follow

Nowadays, there are hundreds of individual leagues and tournaments underway at any given time. Although the most high-profile events tend to focus on a handful of major titles like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Call of Duty, there are many more games that are worth your time. Once you’ve settled on a few titles that maintain your interest, you’ll no doubt find a new favorite team in no time.

2. Pick a Platform

If you want to watch esports games unfold online, you’ll need one or two streaming platforms stored in your bookmark folder. The most popular online streaming platform is undoubtedly Twitch, although YouTube also broadcasts live streams and high-profile event coverage from time to time. If you’re interested in following one of the major tournaments, it’s always worth checking to see if official websites are carrying any free-to-view coverage.

3. High Video Resolutions

If you’re watching esports on a laptop or desktop monitor, you’ll want to ensure your video resolution settings are set accordingly. The majority of Twitch video streams use 1080p resolution. If you have access to high-speed broadband and a reliable connection, make sure you’re keeping video settings at 1080p. If you notice any lags to playback, your connection is probably too slow to handle the high frame rate and enhanced resolutions. In this case, simply switch to a lower resolution setting.

4. Cast to Your Television

If you don’t like the idea of sitting hunched over a computer screen, think about casting live streams directly to your television. Pretty much any smart television that’s connected to a wireless network includes casting functionality. Not only is kicking back and watching from the couch more comfortable, but you can also make use of your full screen and theater modes when viewing esports events on your television.

5. Mark Important Events in Your Calendar

With dozens of major events and tournament fixtures occurring each month, it’s easy to miss a high-stakes match-up. If you’re committed to following a particular team or player, check upcoming schedules for any noteworthy date and add a reminder to your diary.

6. Follow Favorite Games

Many streaming platforms and viewing apps will allow you to automatically follow your favorite games and esports players. If you’ve not set any favorites, be sure to do so. Not only will you receive notifications each time they launch a stream, but you’ll also be sent updates about their progress and other relevant news. You may also receive viewing suggestions, helping you find a new favorite game or esports professional to follow.

7. Do Your Research

If you’re eager to throw your support behind an esports team, you’ll want to carry out some research into the roster and team playing history. As with soccer and basketball teams, esports team line-ups are subject to change. By keeping your ear to the ground, you’ll be first in line to hear about the latest signings, sponsorship deals, and tournament outcomes.

8. Stake a Wager

If you’ve done enough research into individual players and teams, you can start leveraging your insights to make your esports viewing more interesting. As with regular sports, the esports sphere has a thriving betting market. Betting on esports fixtures and virtual events is becoming increasingly common, with a varied betting market that allows for considerable wins on modest wagers.

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