7 Reliable Phone Number API for Your Next Development in 2023

Phone Number API

Are you a developer and looking for ways to verify phone numbers? This blog post will educate you on the advantages of using a phone number API. You must know that email validation was used in the past by businesses to verify their users. However, it is important to know that email validation is insufficient for verification. You must be able to verify the phone numbers of your customers.  

Phone number APIs can save you time and prevent fraud by verifying numbers quickly and efficiently. Let’s learn about them and implement them in your businesses. 

What Is a Phone Number API?

Phone number APIs help us verify the phone numbers of our customers to prevent malicious users on our websites. You can detect line type, phone carrier, and location and check if the user is still at his current location. 

Simply, you can get quality leads through a phone number API. You must know the fact that quality leads play an important role in improving your business. Let’s check out the amazing benefits that you can get through a phone number API.

What Are The Benefits of Phone Number APIs?

If you want to know why implementing a phone number API is important, you must know about its benefits. Here are some most common benefits of using phone number APIs. 

  • You can save costs by having a connection with authentic and valid leads. 
  • It can give you the best conversion rates to include in your campaigns. 
  • You can also save time by preventing fake leads and getting quality ones. 

Let’s check out some best phone number APIs available in the market today.

What Are Some Best Phone Number APIs Available in the Market Today?

Here is a list of the most affordable and efficient APIs that most customers rely on. Let’s explore them. 

1. Numverify API

Numverify can help you validate national and international numbers through its powerful and RESTful JSON API. It is interesting to note that this API covers more than 200 countries. Let’s check its amazing features. 


  • It gives you a clean base by verifying the phone numbers at the entry point. 
  • You can ensure safety through its 256-bit HTTPS encryption. 
  • Advanced techniques for validation of phone numbers. 
  • It offers a freemium plan for beginners with 250 API requests per month. However, the paid plan starts at a very low cost of $19.99/month. 
  • Extensive documentation. 

2. Numlookup API

This is another API that provides phone number validation services for more than 230 countries. This API performs the verification process by getting data from reliable data providers and checking several international carriers. Here are some of its features. 


  • Great user experience
  • A detailed dashboard
  • Highly stable
  • Tailored support
  • Team functionality
  • Performance overview
  • Free plan with 100 API requests per month

3. Mocean API

This API can help you in better communication by sending and receiving messages. Mocean API uses RESTful methods to validate phone numbers and perform other functions. Let’s check out the features of this API. 


  • Compliant with international phone numbers
  • You can use it in 5 different programming languages. 
  • It can give you the country and carrier of a particular phone number. 
  • You can also access the landline through this API. 
  • It can also help you detect the current status of your lead. 
  • Low latency

4. Abstract API

More than one million users across the globe trust this API. The reason behind this popularity is its lightweight, state-of-the-art features and fast qualities. It requires an API key and a phone number for validation purposes. Abstract API returns line type, location, validity, and carrier information. 


  • It validates phone numbers for more than 190 countries. 
  • Abstract API works equally for national and international numbers.
  • 256-bit SSL encryption
  • You can also try it for free with 250 requests per month.

5. Neutrino

You can also verify local and international numbers through this API. It is a simple API that can also help you detect the location of a phone number. However, it comes with very limited features as compared to other APIs. 


  • Available in JSON and XML formats. 
  • The free plan starts with 50 requests per month. 
  • Suitable for small companies.

6. Nexmo Verify API

If you are looking for an economical phone number validation API, then you must try this one. Most people use this API when they have to save time for their businesses when verifying numbers. You can also establish a connection with carriers worldwide through this API. It has inbounds and outbounds calls, SMS, verification qualities, and insights.

7. BytePlant

The best part about this API is that you can integrate it into your ERP, CRM, and website. It can do a great job when you want to detect the correct line type. This API’s functions comply with the FCC telephone consumer protection act. 


Having access to reliable phone number APIs can greatly enhance your development projects in 2023. With the APIs listed in this article, you can easily integrate phone number verification, SMS messaging, and other phone number-related functionalities into your applications. 

These APIs provide secure and scalable solutions that save time and effort while improving user experience. Whether you are building a social media platform, a payment system, or a communication app, using a reliable phone validator API can make a significant difference.


What Is Phone Verification API?

Phone verification API helps us to authenticate phone numbers to improve business operations. 

How to Use Numverify API?

Numverify API is a phone number validation and information service that allows developers to verify phone numbers in their applications. Here’s how to use Numverify API:

First, you need to sign up for a Numverify account and get an API key. You can choose from various pricing plans depending on your usage and requirements.

Once you have an API key, you can send a request to the Numverify API endpoint, passing the phone number you want to validate as a parameter. 

The endpoint is 

Numverify API will respond with a JSON object containing the validation status, carrier information, and other details about the phone number. You can parse this response and use the information in your application.

Learn more about using Numverify API.

What Software Is Used to Validate Phone Numbers?

Numverify can help you validate phone numbers. 

How Can I Verify a Phone Number?

You can use any API from the list of APIs above to verify a phone number. 

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