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6 Best Free Mobile Tracker Apps to Consider in 2023-2024

In this day and age, thanks to free mobile trackers, finding someone’s location has become like falling off a log. However, with so many applications available, choosing the best free mobile tracker app may be challenging, even for seasoned users. Luckily, we’re here to assist you by introducing top online mobile tracker tools that guarantee accurate results and security for your private data. 

What Is the Best Mobile Location Tracker App?

If you think that finding an online mobile tracker coming for 0 bucks is an easy task with no risks involved, you are mistaken. Most of these apps do not provide a high-security level and, what’s worse, do not work at all. In the list below, we’ve gathered 6 best tracker applications to help you choose an outstanding tool for discretely tracking a phone. 

Google Maps: Online Mobile Tracker with Easy-to-Navigate UI

Getting access to someone’s real-time location through Google Maps is one of the most frequently used methods many Android and iOS users apply. It’s the best mobile tracker with Google Map, allowing you to track other people’s locations for free. 

How to use Google Maps for location tracking?

  1. Open the Google Maps app on the target Android/iOS device.
  2. Tap on the user’s profile picture, choose “Location Sharing”, and then “Share Location”.
  3. Choose your contact from the list and how long you want to get the location-sharing data from someones device (you may choose between 1 hour and 1 day). 
  4. Tap “Share”.
  5. Now, you can track the cell phone location of your target smartphone. 

Mobile Tracker Free: Best Free Mobile Tracker for iOS and Android

Mobile Tracker is the best choice if you are looking for a reliable free mobile tracker online. Compared with a built-in Google Maps application, this one should be installed on the target Android or iOS cell phone to start working. Nevertheless, once installed, it offers a significantly longer list of tracking features than Google Maps can provide. It includes, but is not limited to:

  • Access to SMS/MMS messages
  • SMS alerts when a specific word is included in the SMS/MMS
  • Tracking call logs as well as call recording
  • GPS tracking with real-time location data and recent locations visited
  • Viewing photos/videos stored on the tracked device
  • Access to text messages on over 10 of the most popular instant messaging apps
  • Live audio/video viewing
  • Remote control of the target cell phone (ability to block undesirable/harmful websites, apps, etc.)

Although you can use this phone tracker free online, you are able to get more benefits the app offers by opting for paid subscription plans. 

Note: The premium subscription package lets you track multiple devices and store data from the tracked cell phone for one month. So, it is a great bet for those who want to track more than one device simultaneously. 

Find My Device: Reliable Android Cell Phone Tracker

Find My Device is a free phone tracker app that lets you locate your Android phones, smartwatches, and Android tablets in case they are lost or stolen. It provides real-time updates on the tracked device’s battery status and location, as well as its recent location.

The app has an inside map, allowing you to locate a device inside any building. In the event of a lost phone, you can display contact information on the lock screen or leave a message so that a person who has your phone can call you up and inform you.

Glympse: Real-Time Location Sharing via URL Provided

Glympse is another mobile tracker app in our top list of free apps providing accurate geolocation data. Being compatible with iPhone, Android, and Blackberry, Glympse allows you and your family to create a group so everyone can easily see each other’s locations. It’s a convenient way to stay informed about each other’s whereabouts without constantly asking. 

The best part about Glympse is that it does not require the person you share your location with to download the software. Users can share real-time location and ETA (a “Glympse”) with others via a link to a web-based map. Moreover, you don’t need to create an account to get the location data. Glympse tracking goes beyond just showing their location on a map. It also tells you when they’ll reach their destination, whether home, an office, a shop, or a school.

Find My Friends: Popular Cell Phone Tracker for iPhones

Find My Friends is a great mobile location tracker app for iOS devices. Using the app is easy and fun, and there are no difficulties in finding your friend or family member when the need arises. All you have to do to access their location data is to send them a request and ask them to add you as a contact on the app, and once you are accepted, you will be given access to where they are. 

Note: A user may use the Find My Friends privacy control feature, allowing them to hide their actual location from certain friends. 

Phonyspy: Great Universal Cell Phone Tracker with Advanced Features is another great spy-tracking app designed to provide peace of mind to concerned parents and business owners. It can satisfy the demands of the most rigorous users. In addition to advanced GPS tracking, the app allows you to view all the target cell phones, be it Android or iOS-operated ones, and see all the text messages, calls, and emails, not only those sent or received but also those deleted. It also provides call records and browsing history. 

Do you want to know with whom your loved one often chats on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Telegram, or any other communication platform? Sure! Phonyspy will find the info for you and send it directly to your user space. 

Basic Steps for Tracking a Cell Phone Location

Tracking someone’s location can be helpful for various purposes, be it locating a lost cell phone or finding the real-time location of your kid or close relative. Here, we’ve listed the basic steps that will be handy for you when tracking a cell phone location:

  • Use built-in tracking tools

As mentioned, you can use built-in tracking apps like Find My Device, Find My iPhone, or Google Maps to track someone’s location. But remember, they can not only permit you to see their location but also take that permission away whenever they want.

  • Install special tracking apps

If you want to get more geolocation details or keep someone’s location hidden, then installing spy-tracking apps like Phonespy or Mobile Tracker Free may be useful for you. The person won’t know you are tracking their location as the apps work in stealth mode. They won’t drain the target’s cell phone battery nor send notifications to the cell phone so that the person won’t notice any suspicious activities. You will need to get physical access to the target device to sync data and give necessary permissions as prescribed by an installation wizard.

Regardless of the method you select, it’s crucial to remember that tracking someone’s phone without their consent can potentially violate their privacy and might even be illegal in certain situations. So, always check the country’s laws and ensure you have permission for cell phone tracking

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