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5 things to consider before installing roller shutters

roller shutters

The Australian window furnishing industry, which includes roller shutters, is expected to reach a value of around AUD$2.2 billion by 2024 according to Industry Research & Reports.

Are you contemplating installing roller shutters for your house? Before you make your selection, it’s necessary to examine certain critical elements that might impact the success of your project.

Installing roller shutters may give protection, privacy, and other advantages, but only if you pick the correct model and installation strategy for your unique requirements.

The significance of selecting the best roller shutters for a house cannot be overstated. To assist individuals in making informed decisions regarding their roller shutter installation projects, this blog article will highlight five essential points to consider beforehand.

What’s Your Budget?

The most crucial issue that affects other considerations is budget. Roller shutters might differ substantially in price based on a multitude of variables. The size, style, material, operational features, and quality will all play a key part in establishing how much they will cost. Discussing all available alternatives from the cheapest to the most costly, will assist you in selecting what roller shutter is ideal to install for your property.

Look for reliable manufacturers and browse around for quotations; ensure each price you get includes precise sizes, the materials being used, warranty duration, after-sales services, and expert installation. Also, remember that this is an investment in your home’s security that will also add value to your house, so it’s worth investing a bit extra to obtain the greatest quality if you can.

Consider your long-term savings while planning your budget. High-quality shutters give extra security, minimising the possibility of break-ins or damage to your property.

From the roller shutters themselves to the installation expenses, consider every element as you plan out your budget. Manual shutters are more inexpensive than motorized shutters but it takes more time and effort to open each one of them separately and manually. It is essential to get multiple quotes from reputed roller shutter installers to make sure you get the right product to your needs and after-sale service.

  • Accoring to Oneflare, the average cost of roller shutters in each major city as follows:
  • Sydney: $500-$1,500
  • Melbourne: $450-$1,000
  • Brisbane: $800 – $1,500
  • Canberra: $800 – $1,400
  • Perth: $450 – $1,200
  • Darwin: $800 – $1,500
  • Hobart: $800 – $1,400
  • Adelaide: $450 – $1,200


Cautiously select the shutter material:

The material of the shutter plays a significant function in helping you attain your intended aim. One of the most frequent materials is aluminium since it is robust, strong, and stylish. Not only that, it’s anti-rust and cost-effective too. Aluminium roller shutters assist boost security and privacy and are suitable for residences. Along with Durable and minimal maintenance, aluminium shutters are resistant to corrosion, rust, and weather damage. They are less in weight. They are simple to use also. If you want optimal security for your residence for a longer time period, consider aluminium roller shutters.

Another material is steel which is a very durable and robust substance that can endure great pressure. This is ideal for industrial buildings rather than a dwelling. They are strong, long-lasting steel shutters that offer great security and protection against vandalism and break-ins. However, they are heavy and need frequent maintenance to avoid corrosion.

Then come wooden shutters made of real wood which offer the most attractive aspect to your property but require a lot more upkeep. They are sturdy, although not as much as aluminium or steel. There are different cutting possibilities for this material and it may be sealed or painted according to your preference.

Laminate or polycarbonate shutters are another typical alternative. If you want a cost-effective but dependable choice, then aluminium is the appropriate material for your shutters.

What are the sizes and shapes of your windows/doors?

Before making your order or selecting the material for the roller shutters, very carefully measure the dimensions of the windows or doors. This will help you to figure out the precise size of your future roller shutters. Always be careful to collect the correct measurements.

Roller shutters come in several sizes and shapes, so you’ll need to make sure you acquire the proper ones for your house. If your windows and doors are all the same size, you may purchase a set of custom-cut shutters. If you have a variety of window sizes or shapes, you may want to explore utilising shutter panels instead.

There are two key dimensions that you need to consider when establishing whether a roller shutter is a perfect match for your facility: the height of the opening where the door would be positioned, and the width of the door itself.

In addition, there may be additional structural features in your entryway that might make installation difficult or even impossible.

Failure hits individuals who presume the size of the shutters is general and installs them anyhow. This ultimately leads to gaps between the wall and the shutter and consequent failures.

Do you want manual or motorised roller shutters?

Roller shutters are offered in either manual or electric operation. Manual shutters are handled by hand, whereas motorised shutters may be activated by a wall switch, remote control, or even by a smart device. The decision between them relies on how much control you need over the shutters and who will be operating them.

If efficiency and convenience are a top concern, electronic shutters will be the ideal solution. If you would like to enjoy the utmost convenience, there are solutions through which you may easily operate your shutters using an app on your smartphone to use them at any time and from anywhere!

You may also adjust the opening and shutting pace of the motorised window shutters with the remote. And if in any instance there is a power outage in the area where you live, you can simply open these shutters manually too.

Where would you wish them installed?

You must be clear about where you want roller shutters. The shutters may be put on doors, countertops, windows, pergolas, verandas, carports, garage entrances, atriums, patios, and other sections of your home.

For privacy, you can install them on the windows of your rooms, and to defend your automobiles, you can install them as a garage door. Also for privacy issues, consider shutters that give total seclusion, such as completely enclosed shutters. Alternatively, you may select for shutters that allow for partial views, such as perforated or slotted shutters.

If you are planning to install shutters for a business property, you will need durable shutters that give optimal protection against break-ins and theft.

If you reside in a location with severe weather conditions, such as high winds, heavy rains, or snowfall, you will need sturdy shutters to survive these harsh conditions.


In conclusion, installing roller shutters requires careful consideration of budget, material, sizing, operational mechanism, and installation location. By setting a budget, choosing the right material, accurately measuring openings, deciding between manual and motorised operation, and selecting appropriate installation locations based on privacy, security, and weather conditions, homeowners can ensure the success and effectiveness of their roller shutter project.




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