5 Startups That Are Dominating Social Media

Social media has evolved from just an accessory tool that most companies utilize for extra exposure and brand awareness to a bulletproof cornerstone of modern marketing strategies. It has transformed the way businesses engage with their audience, allowing for direct interaction, real-time feedback, and unparalleled reach.

Today, social media platforms serve as dynamic ecosystems where brands can cultivate communities, showcase their values, and drive conversions. From Instagram, and Twitter, to TikTok, these tools have become indispensable for businesses striving to thrive in the digital age.

As up-and-coming disruptors of the business and tech arena, startups are usually the ones that effectively leverage social media platforms using innovation and creativity to capture the attention of audiences worldwide. These startups are not only overhauling traditional industries but also redefining the way businesses interact with their customers online. 

Here are 5 startups that are making waves and dominating social media.


Sales tech startup WINN.AI has already mastered the art of virality on social media platforms. In the past year, they launched 2 expertly orchestrated campaigns that reached the farthest corners of LinkedIn. First, they showcased their #NoTypingCRM campaign, featuring people smashing their keyboards with small axes, coinciding with the release of their AI-driven CRM. This garnered significant attention on the platform, with over 90 shared videos and 5,600 likes. They followed up with #CelebrateSales, where a man with a mascot called “Captain Quota” appeared in meetings, singing a jingle. These campaigns aim to promote their innovative CRM while celebrating sales team achievements and fostering a positive community within the sales industry.

WINN.AI doesn’t just offer sales tools; its mission extends to celebrating the successes of sales teams. In an industry marked by intense competition and demanding goals, the company’s upbeat approach reminds sales professionals to embrace their achievements and derive satisfaction from their daily endeavors.

Tailor Brands

A revolutionary business-building platform that simplifies every step of launching, managing, and growing a business, Tailor Brands has established itself as a household name on Instagram, with over 223,000 followers and counting. Research says that Instagram is the most popular app among 18 to 24-year-olds, and the company strategically positioned itself as the go-to business-building platform for Gen Zs, who are seeking streamlined solutions for their entrepreneurial ventures. 

By leveraging Instagram’s massive user base within this demographic, Tailor Brands has effectively tapped into a market of young, aspiring business owners who prioritize convenience and accessibility in their journey toward building successful enterprises. Moreover, the company boasts an expertly curated feed that combines influencer testimonials, business tips, advice, book recommendations, and more.


Evinature, a startup that leads cutting-edge research in integrative therapies for IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease), knows the importance of authentic influencer marketing and leveraging testimonials to bring awareness to their product, the CurQD® Protocol – an evidence-based, natural therapy for IBD. The company is amplifying their brand on social media by collaborating with individuals who have tested their product, experienced its efficacy, and established a genuine connection to the IBD community. 

What’s unique about Evinature’s strategy is that they utilize real people with genuine experiences who have a deep understanding of the challenges faced by individuals living with IBD. By sharing their personal experiences with the CurQD® Protocol and its positive impact on their health, they can authentically connect with their audience and generate interest in Evinature’s product.


Plant-based food startup Huel knows a thing or two about social media organic reach. Huel is a company that provides complete and nutritious food delivered to customers’ homes. Its main product is a powder made from sustainable plant-based ingredients like oats and flaxseed, offering a convenient and cost-effective alternative to regular meals and snacks. 

Since its inception in 2015, Huel has sold over 100 million meals and has amassed a dedicated following of over 400,000 people on social media. They use Buffer to manage their global social media presence, which includes profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This allows them to engage with their audience effectively and expand their reach across platforms, maximizing opportunities to connect with their most passionate supporters.

Heyday Canning Co.

Going viral is a lightning-in-a-bottle event for most business owners. For Heyday Canning Co., their unexpected TikTok buzz was all because of their creativity and smart strategy. The company organized a pre-opening party for their pop-up shop, inviting content creators to generate buzz. They also advertised in the Cool Stuff NYC newsletter. On opening day, a customer arrived early hoping to trade cans of beans for a ceramic pot, sparking overwhelming demand. The pop-up quickly ran out of stock, prompting a limit on swaps and a rush shipment of beans. 

This unexpected enthusiasm turned the pop-up into a must-visit attraction. The brand initially concentrated on cultivating a genuine audience on Instagram, amassing approximately 7,000 followers. The founder of Heyday had anticipated that this audience, along with foot traffic, would be instrumental in driving attendance at the pop-up event. However, it was TikTok that ultimately sparked its success and skyrocketed the brand to greater heights.

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