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5 of the Most Promising AI Startups this 2024

Artificial intelligence is no longer just a trend; it’s a force that continues to gain strong momentum, proving that it’s staying for the long haul. The relentless advancements in AI have paved the way for groundbreaking innovations, disrupting a multitude of industries across the planet. 

In 2024, the AI landscape is bustling with activity, with numerous startups vying to make their mark. Among them, five stand out as particularly promising, poised to revolutionize sectors ranging from cybersecurity to healthcare and beyond. These startups are not only leveraging the latest AI breakthroughs but also have a deep understanding of market needs and a clear vision for the future. 

These are 5 of the most promising AI startups that have caught the attention of investors and industry experts alike:


Substrata is a cutting-edge Social Signal Intelligence Platform tailored for professional dealmakers and B2B sales experts. Designed to decode the intricate social interactions between sellers and buyers, Substrata serves as their trusted guide through the complex landscape of office dynamics, hierarchies, and interpersonal nuances.

At its core, Substrata harnesses advanced social-signal processing technology to empower a new wave of socially-aware AI solutions, poised to redefine the business landscape of tomorrow. By analyzing both verbal and non-verbal cues, Substrata uncovers underlying intentions, attitudes, and emotions, shedding light on crucial power dynamics at play.

Coho AI

Coho AI harnesses personalized customer journeys to enhance retention rates and increase customer lifetime value (LTV) for companies. By employing cutting-edge AI technology, its platform analyzes real-time data and utilizes advanced segmentation techniques to identify the most impactful actions and foster meaningful engagement with users. This personalized strategy not only improves conversion rates but also strengthens user retention through the orchestration of seamless, multi-channel campaigns tailored to resonate at every interaction point.

Through strategic engagement at critical junctures across diverse channels, both within and beyond the product ecosystem, businesses can cultivate deeper connections with their audience. This approach leads to significant enhancements in customer lifetime value, facilitating robust and sustainable revenue growth over time.


Intenseye leads the way in environmental health and safety (EHS) advancement. Their AI-powered platform revolutionizes EHS management by utilizing existing facility cameras to offer unparalleled insight into workplace hazards. This proactive approach, supported by continuous 24/7 analysis and real-time leading indicator data, enables EHS leaders to identify and address over 45 EHS scenarios with exceptional accuracy. 

With a global reach spanning 25+ countries and safeguarding over 100,000 workers, Intenseye ensures workplace safety remains a top priority. From monitoring PPE usage to evaluating body positioning and vehicle interactions, their versatile software adapts to various safety needs. Furthermore, their commitment extends beyond mere functionality to fostering psychologically safe workplaces, empowering workers to address systemic issues confidently.


Tome is a cloud-based, AI-powered storytelling platform designed for crafting and distributing interactive, multimedia documents encompassing ebooks, presentations, and reports. With Tome, users seamlessly integrate text, images, videos, audio, and various interactive components into their creations.

Moreover, Tome facilitates real-time collaboration and commenting functionalities, catering to team projects and remote workforce. Its suite of customization features, spanning branding, design templates, and analytics tools, empowers users to curate compelling and influential content tailored to their specific needs.


Vendict pioneers the integration of cutting-edge linguistic generative AI to support security compliance teams. Positioned as a disruptor in the Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) sector, Vendict aims to drive business growth by facilitating technology vendors in meeting their security standards and streamlining the adoption of emerging technologies.

The company offers the world’s first AI that masters the intricacies of security language. This breakthrough empowers security and GRC professionals to mitigate risks, optimize time resources, gain competitive edge, and expedite sales processes exponentially. Unlike existing solutions, Vendict is capable of comprehensively understanding textual content, drastically reducing the time required for security assessments from weeks to mere hours. Furthermore, with each interaction, the AI model refines its knowledge, enhancing efficiency and further enhancing time-saving capabilities.

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