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4 Tips to Start Off the New Year With a New Job

It’s that time of the year again — the New Year’s resolutions time! Take a deep breath and forget about trivialities — why not consider starting a new job?

No, seriously, with remote work going ever more global and with the opportunities for everyone being available, why not simply rethink your life goals and look for alternatives? And if you are finding that you just haven’t really been all that happy in your current role, then there truly is no time like the present!

1. Consider What You Achieved That Year

What goals were accomplished? All, mainly all, some of them? If the answer is not the first, consider better planning. Set OKRs for the new year and enter 2022 a happier person.

All too often we’re preoccupied with setting up job goals, but why not include some lifestyle changes, too?

For example, remote work can help you organize your time better and provide you with 2 to 4 additional free hours every day. That is the time saved on commuting and getting ready for office work.

Back to the goals, what do you want to achieve in 2022? Include milestones in your OKRs so that you can track progress and adjust your plans as needed.

There’s nothing wrong with starting small, as long as you know where you’re going.

2. Think About Your Health  

We all seem to live hectic lives, often forgetting to take care of the most basic things. Think about your health! Starting with too much sitting to lack of physical activities, you can include a new daily routine or two to change bad habits.

These don’t necessarily have to be too strenuous. Simply take a short break every now and then to take a short walk or stretch your muscles. Sitting can cause cramps and problems with injury recovery, after all, so be careful. Your health is extremely important!

3. Contemplate a Big Change

It could be the right time to start freelancing, or even travel and become a digital nomad. With remote work offering a slew of opportunities, it may be the right time to take the leap.

It’s not that difficult, being a digital nomad. Basically, you should rely on the ex-pat community to learn the ropes and keep ex-pat taxes in mind, e.g., which forms to file.

The rest is only a matter of planning and organizing, so not that difficult overall.

4. Consider Continued Learning

Finally, think about future prospects (and not only job prospects, mind you). eLearning and mLearning have become somewhat of a standard; anyone can find exactly what they are looking for, be it a degree, certificate, or the next hobby. Plus, learning as an adult can be fun!

If you’re ready to become a freelancer/digital nomad, consider learning a skill you’re certain to need. Depending on your field of expertise, choices may vary from IT-specific skills to bookkeeping to organizational skills.

No matter what you are looking for, you can be certain you’ll find it.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Change

The world is changing rapidly before our very eyes. Trends are coming and going away faster than ever, and what we thought would last only for a while has extended to over two years. People are adjusting to new shifts on the go. Uncertainty is everywhere.

Well, look at the bright side. Changes are certain to bring forth some good things even if you don’t see them at first. Think about your goals and what you can change to befit the situation.

For many people, remote work will become the future. Those who have been forced to stay locked indoors have realized its benefits, and many of them are ready to continue the practice afterwards.

What’s more, the offer of remote jobs is huge, truly big enough to empower everyone to find a gig or two. This is a big opportunity. You can find a perfect job easily; you only need to look for it. Why not visit a couple of online marketplaces and see the scope of opportunities they offer?

Changes can be scary, but what they really portend is the opportunity to start anew, literally. Why depend on a job that doesn’t befit you if you can choose between suitable ones and work on your own terms?

Lifestyle Changes

Finally, the freedom to organize your schedule as it suits you allows for a more enjoyable lifestyle where you have enough time for everything. While it is true that sometimes everyone has to work more, it is also true that there are times when vacation is in order.

For digital nomads, the two are interchangeable. They can work and travel and enjoy both opposites at their leisure.

Consider the possibilities and opportunities and risk a bit. After all, time waits for no one! Grab the opportunity while you can!

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