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15 Free Online Downloader Apps in the US 2024

For online enthusiasts who want easy access to videos offline, here are the top video downloader apps.

Best Free online Video Downloader Apps

There are many excellent free online video downloader tools available. Let’s take a deeper look at 15 top options:

1 9xporn

Get effortless downloading up to 4K with the acclaimed 9xporn. It enables hassle-free saving of online videos in multiple formats and resolutions. You can also download full playlists and channels for offline access. This feature-rich tool makes scraping videos easier. The user-friendly interface adds to its appeal and makes the process of saving videos timeless and efficient.


  • Download formats: MP4, M4A, WebM up to 4K
  • Playlist and channel downloading
  • Multi-language support

2 SSonline

SSonline provides a fast and simple way to download online videos. Just paste the video URL to start downloading in MP4 format. It also lets you extract and save audio from videos as MP3 files. The open-source app has no ads or clutter.


  • Simple single-click downloading
  • Extract audio as MP3
  • Ad-free and open source

3 VideoProc

Beyond just downloading, VideoProc offers full video processing features. It can download in any resolution and convert videos to over 420 file provides more than just downloading. This feature-rich tool makes grabbing videos even more convenient. The user-friendly interface adds to its appeal and makes the process of saving videos easy.


  • Download in any resolution
  • Convert to 420+ formats
  • Built-in video editor and tools

4 i-Tube Go

i-Tube Go provides a fast way to download online videos on iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. The app makes it easy to save videos offline with no complicated settings. It has a clean interface designed for touch screens.


  • Download for iOS devices
  • Intuitive touch interface
  • Fast downloading

5 4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader lives up to its name by simplifying downloads of online videos in stunning 4K resolution. It also extracts and saves audio as MP3 files. The versatile app works on Windows, Mac and Linux for cross-platform accessibility.


  • Download videos in 4K
  • Extract MP3 audio
  • Cross-platform support

6 Y2mate

Y2mate is a straightforward online tool for downloading videos from online and Facebook. It can download videos in HD quality. Beyond 4K downloads, 4K Video Downloader can convert videos to MP3 audio files. This allows transforming videos into audio-only format to enjoy offline. It expands the versatility of the app, enabling seamless audio playback on the go.


  • Download from online and Facebook
  • HD video quality
  • Convert to MP3 audio

7 Tubemate

Tubemate is a handy tool for any online fan seeking to access videos and audio offline. Its streamlined downloading lets users stash favorites for enjoyment anytime, anywhere—even without WiFi. With an intuitive interface, Tubemate conveniently saves online content as MP3 or MP4 directly to Android devices. Its offline playback thenfrees viewers from an internet connection dependence. Together Tubemate’s ease of use and versatile storage options deliver dependable online access whenever and wherever users want. For reliable,feature-filled online downloading on the go, Tubemate serves as a go-to solution.


  • Download for Android
  • Extract MP3 audio
  • Multiple resolutions
  • Huge userbase

8 Newpipe

Newpipe is an open-source ad-free app focused on privacy. It lets you download videos in the background and supports multiple resolutions. Being open-source means the code is transparent.


  • Open-source and privacy-focused
  • Background downloading
  • Multiple resolutions

9 Airy

Airy offers a clean interface for downloading videos across platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. It can automatically tag downloaded videos by resolution. Videos are saved in their original quality.


  • Cross-platform support
  • Auto tags by resolution
  • Original video quality

10 Snap Downloader

Snap Downloader makes downloading videos from 10,000 sites including online easy. Just copy and paste the video link to download. It’s fast and can batch download multiple videos.


  • 10,000 supported sites
  • Fast batch downloading
  • Just copy and paste link

11 MacX online Downloader

MacX online Downloader enables Mac users to cache online videos at blazing speeds while preserving original quality. Entire playlists or channels can be readily grabbed for offline access absent internet connectivity. Crafted particularly for macOS, it streamlines obtaining online content onto Apple devices via downloads retaining pristine resolutions. Seamless acquisition of individual clips or accumulated favorites furnishes convenience.


  • Made for Mac
  • Downloads original quality
  • Playlist/channel downloading

12 WinX online Downloader

WinX online Downloader delivers similar powerful downloading features for Windows users. You can download videos in multiple resolutions and even convert formats. It supports convenient bulk downloading of multiple videos or playlists.


  • For Windows PCs
  • Download and convert formats
  • Bulk download support

13 aTube Catcher

ATube Catcher stands out as a full-featured online downloader. In addition to effortless downloading, it facilitates format conversion between MP4 and MKV. Users can also burn videos directly to DVD for offline play anywhere. Integrated tools let playlist conversion to ringtones alongside core functions. Its intuitive interface belies a robust toolkit for related tasks from storage to disc authoring. Combined accessibility and supplemental functions provide a compelling all-in-one experience beyond basic downloading alone.


  • Highly versatile tool
  • Video conversion capabilities
  • Burn videos to DVD

14 Videoder

Videoder has established itself as a premier choice for sponsored and casual downloading of digital video files across diverse hosting services onto both mobile and desktop devices.


  • Made for Android
  • Downloads from many sites
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use

15 specializes in fast online video downloads on Android mobiles. It can download multiple resolutions up to 1080p HD. You also use it to download whole online playlists or channels for offline access.


  • For Android devices
  • Multiple resolutions
  • Playlist/channel downloading

Among the many great online downloader options, how would you choose?

First, ensure compatibility with your device, as some devices will only run on mobile or desktop operating systems. Also consider factors that are generally of greatest concern, such as download quality, format conversion, speed, features such as interface and extra tools. Evaluate reviews and find the product that best suits your online downloading needs.

  • Compatibility: Make sure to choose a downloader that works on your devices. Some are designed just for mobile, while others support Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.
  • Download quality: Do you need 4K and HD downloads or lower resolutions? Some apps only do up to 720p while others support original quality.
  • Conversion features: Many apps allow extracting MP3 audio or converting videos to common formats like MP4, AVI, MKV. This adds flexibility.
  • Speed: Faster is better when downloading and converting videos. Look for apps that offer quick batch downloading.
  • Interface: A simple and intuitive interface can improve the downloading experience.
  • Extra tools: Apps with video editing, compression, and other bonus features provide more value.
  • Privacy: Open-source downloaders with no ads or tracking may appeal to privacy-minded users.

Take stock of which features would prove most useful for you. Read reviews and compare options to select the best free online video downloader for your needs. The right app will make saving videos simple and efficient.

Frequently Asked and Questions

Let’s answer some questions related to online video downloader app:

  • Are these downloader apps legal to use? Most apps simply download videos you can access anyway online. They comply with online’s terms of service.
  • Will the video quality be the same as the original? Most apps allow downloading videos in their original quality. Some may compress files to save space.
  • Can I download videos as MP3? Many apps support extracting just the audio from an online video and saving it as an MP3 file.
  • Are the apps safe to install? Downloaders from reputable developers that are used by millions of people are generally safe to use.

Final Thoughts on Choosing a online Downloader

Having a reliable online downloader app provides offline access to videos. No more missing out on content without an internet connection. While many great free options exist, is my top recommendation for most users. Of course, your needs may vary, so review the options for the best match. Now you can download online videos to watch anytime.


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