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10 Tips And Tricks For Better TikTok Videos

Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of people who create TikTok content.

The first kind simply creates for their own pleasure. They’re not particularly interested in bettering “the craft” or in making their content appeal to wider demographics; they’re simply making videos because they want to.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being part of this group, but there’s also another, more ambitious group of people who want to improve their TikTok content and be the best they can be on the platform.

If that’s you, then read on, because we’ve put together 10 tips and tricks to help you create better TikTok videos and make the best possible content that you can.

1. Talk to your followers

Who’s better placed to know whether your TikTok content is working or not than your followers?

If you want to know how to make better videos on TikTok, then you should ask the people who are going to watch those videos and enjoy them. They’ll have tips on how you can improve.

If you’re struggling to amass TikTok followers, don’t be afraid to use a reputable service to potentially boost your follower count a little and give you that confidence you need to start putting content out there on a regular basis!

2. Watch other popular TikTok users

Replicating other people’s TikTok content is usually a no-no, because ripping off other users just makes you look like you don’t have any ideas.

However, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with watching other people’s videos and seeing if there are any editing techniques you can use in your own content.

Editing is a critical skill to learn if you want to make great TikTok content, and giving your videos a more professional sheen will go a long way towards increasing your potential popularity.

3. Use popular music

There’s always a chance that you’ll discover the next viral TikTok hit, but you’re much better off leveraging audio that’s already popular for your videos.

If you see a song doing the rounds on TikTok, use it to soundtrack one of your own videos and make sure to use the relevant hashtags as well.

This will improve your content by giving it a bespoke soundtrack, and it will also help to increase your visibility.

4. Play to your niche

Trying to make videos about a subject you don’t understand will only make you look like a dilettante.

That’s why you should make sure that the videos you create are about subjects you understand. The last thing you want is to be pulled up by someone who knows what they’re talking about better than you do.

Your videos’ quality will be higher and more consistent if you ensure that you’re knowledgeable, authoritative, and informative when you’re putting out videos, and it doesn’t hurt to be fun, too!

5. Don’t create low-effort content

While it’s true that some TikTok users can get away with creating “low-effort” content, they’ve probably achieved fame before creating that content.

As such, making videos that feel like they haven’t had much effort put into them, either in terms of subject matter or execution, is a big no-no.

Making your videos look like you care about them is a big part of improving their overall quality.

6. Post at good times

What are the best times to post on TikTok? Well, this varies from country to country, of course.

Generally speaking, though, early morning and late evening are the best times to post on TikTok, although there will naturally be outliers such as holidays or other unusual days.

How will posting at good times improve your videos? Well, hey – if you get more views, then you’ll be galvanised into creating better and better content, right?

7. Use TikTok’s built-in filters

There’s a good reason that TikTok comes with a ton of filters, text overlays, and other options for your videos.

Using these will help you to create better videos because your content will be more visually interesting, which will in turn make it more appealing for other users.

If your videos are consistently just “you talking to a camera”, this might work fine at first, but eventually, users will realise that there’s not much more to your content and may start to look elsewhere.

8. Use video length as a tool

Making sure your TikTok videos are an appropriate length is more than just a good idea for visibility; it’s also great for the videos themselves.

If a video is too long, it’ll quickly become apparent to your audience, who will realise and stop watching before the video is over.

Holding an audience’s attention is only possible when your video is exactly as long as it needs to be, and this will vary from video to video, so always keep length in the forefront of your mind.

9. Use trending topics as inspiration

Slavishly posting videos about trending topics might not necessarily be a good idea, but there’s nothing wrong with using trending topics as inspiration.

Without straying too far from your content’s usual remit, why not try to create a video about a topic that’s currently doing the rounds, but with your own personal spin?

This will ideally make your videos both more visible and more engaging to TikTok users.

10. Use Stitches and Duets

Collaboration is at the very core of what TikTok represents as a platform.

Using Stitch and Duet, two of the most important collaborative features on TikTok, is a great way to shore up your creativity and make better, more entertaining content.

Why not use these tools to vocally harmonise with another user on a song, for instance, or to add an extra little bit of a comedy to an already-funny skit?      

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